Two Bees on the Blanket Flower

Quick hits for the next few days because I should have been out the door two hours ago. Be back soon…

Yep. Blanket flower again. Note the one bee on the right – the in-focus one on the right. Might be some Russian in it. But maybe not. Point is, it’s quite different. Darker, and a smoother looking bee. Devoid of hair that most have. Need to look into what I’m seeing. All that I know is that it’s different…and is a little more aggressive/territorial than the other honeybees.

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The ‘mums and Asters…

I’ve been on the road the last five or so days…and you can probably tell because the posts were scheduled in advance – and happened early in the morning rather than in the evening.

And…the other thing that happened while I was gone was that the chrysanthemums and asters absolutely exploded. Here’s a nice shot of a native on some white ‘mums in the late afternoon. It’s almost good art. And truly a beautiful bee. (And we get a little bit of shadow which delights me.)

In other news, I got a draft of the calendar for 2022 out today. Holy holy [expletive deleted], was it tough to choose. You might like it, though 😉

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Morning Light Again – on Some Kind of Salvia this Time

I’ll update this when I figure out the name of the plant this is on. Been waiting for a while for this one to bloom. The bumbles love it. It gets to be about four feet tall – maybe taller. Really quite a vertical statement in the garden. It’s only real downside in my world is that because it’s so tall…and the blossoms are at the top of it…it moves lots even in the slightest breeze.

That said, here’s a fun shot. You can see yellow pollen starting to accumulate in her pollen basket. Also, you get a good look at the veins in her wings.

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Feeling Stubborn or Grumpy or Something this Morning – On the Agastache

Went out for a bit this morning to shoot before the sun crested the mountain to the east. We’re right on the foothills, so it happens relatively late here. Some mornings, the light is just fantastic. Others…not so much. This was a not so much morning. And then the wind…blowing very hard and randomly. Everything was flapping around. Even the stuff near the ground.

There was one bee trying so hard to get on to an agastache. She’d try and try…catch sometimes…be blown away others… She’d come back and finally get something done. Lots of persistence in that one. I was frustrated in my own way. Even when she finally got purchase, the whole plant would flap around. Didn’t get many/any good shots. But…because both she and I seem stubborn, something good happened. Or something workmanlike, anyway, almost.

It’s a bit of a blurry shot, but…I’m gonna post something from that quick, windy session. So there…

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And….another Hummingbird!

This time on the Hesperaloe parviflora. Looks like a yucca, but apparently it isn’t quite. Great plant, though. We’ve been waiting five years for it to finally bloom…and it did this time in a really amazing way. The wingspan (for want of a better word) on the long blossomy stalks is probably more than ten feet across. The hummingbirds love it (when the hutercats are elsewhere) as do the bees and other pollinators. And the neatest thing is that the blossoms persist. It’s been in bloom maybe six weeks…and it doesn’t show any sign of stopping – nor any degradation in the blossoms. I love plants like that…those that just go and go and go.

Oh, here are some of the other names of this almost-but-not yucca (per Red Yucca, Coral Yucca, Red-flowered False Yucca, Redflower False Yucca, Yellow Yucca, Hummingbird Yucca, Samandoque

The pics on that site really don’t do the full plant any justice. Maybe I’ll see if I can get a good shot of it. Here’s the hummer:

Oh, and I’m making my living full time selling photos – if you’d like a copy of this one (or any other), email me at to discuss.

I ordered this one today on both metal and acrylic to put in my booth at the art festivals. Can’t wait to see it on those media. Printed out a copy this morning on regular photo paper and it’s just stunning. Might belong on your wall…

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Evening Bumble in the Salvia

Didn’t get to shoot but for a minute very, very late yesterday…to no good ends. Well, a bonus wasp for later, I guess. But here’s one from the day before. Great wings and a pretty full pollen basket for a bumblebee. This bee had spent a lot of time on the foxtail lily (see the post from June 9) – kind of a burnt or dark orange color. Think this is a new salvia for this year. And in the lower right is a ubiquitous iris leaf.

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On a Slice of the Allium Pie

There was the tiniest sweat bee on the allium, but I missed the focus repeatedly (flappy windy). Was so small – could have fit at least a dozen of them in that blossom bowl that the bee is on. But I did catch a nice side view of the honeybee. I think that pollen on her back is from an iris. Whenever they crawl into an iris clean, they come out pollen-backed like that. I really do like the purple and green. Such a spring combination.

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