Neat Bee Trick…New to Me

She’s cleaning her tongue with her front legs as she’s flying. I’ve never seen that before. This photo isn’t as sharp as it could be, but the pollen on her tongue and in her pollen basket are both in sharp focus. Not sure I understand the rest. Shot at kind of a slow speed, compared, though. Anyway, I think it’s pretty neat to see her grabbing the pollen off her tongue as she flies. Always something new…

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A Face in the Crocus

The overburden and underburden (I get a squiggly line under that – but it should be a word if it’s not) in the garden in the spring is worth mentioning. And you’ll see a lot of mayhem in the early spring pictures. If you have a look at yesterday’s shot, you’ll see some needles. They’re from a bald cypress. Weird one because it’s a conifer that loses its needles every fall – after they change color.

As far as it goes, the crocus pollen has always looked especially sticky to me. You don’t get that much in today’s shot. Just a great face. Happy spring. Supposed to be 67 here tomorrow??

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Flying Toward the Russian Sage

Kind of soft light on everything. And soft focus except where it’s not. Focus is really an interesting thing. Sometimes it can seem random when I look at the shots of bees that I’ve taken. Not intentionally random, of course, but because I wasn’t doing my job all that right. In my life, it’s much the same. See if it looks that way in your mirror…

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One Whole Year of a Daily Bee!! – Big Bonus Follows…

So a whole year. Have a lot to say, but might not say much right now. Here come a whole bunch more in celebration of the anniversary!

Final tally: 400 bee pictures and 160 bonus pollinators (and quasi-pollinators). 560 total…beauty in each.

Here are the links to the anniversary bees:

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091-120 121-150 151-180
181-210 211-240 241-270
271-300 301-330 331-360

And this one today is especially cute. It’s a metallic green sweat bee on what’s fast becoming my favorite flower for pollinators – the blanket flower:

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A Pair of Brown-belted Bumbles on the Thyme

Rare for me to get focus on two bees in a single pic. But this is a nice one of two brown-belted bumbles in the culinary thyme. It’s really hearty stuff and likes to wander around the garden. Seems to pop up in unanticipated places now and then. But it’s one that blooms for most of the season – and attracts pollinators of all kinds – especially in the late afternoon, from my observation. Can look a little ragged sometimes, but the bees love it.

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Another Tiny, Tiny One – On a Geranium

The geranium looks, certainly, past its prime – fading and curling and all. But…it still has what the bee wants and needs. It’s usually pretty hard to get a good shot on a geranium because of where the bee needs to go on the blossom to find the nectar. But the way this one is set up – the angle – it worked out okay. I like the magenta (??? I’m really no good with colors) and the green together. And, of course, the little one in there. That blossom is about the size of a U.S. quarter dollar coin (~25cm or so). Tiny!

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Foxtail Lily with the Tiniest Bee

Also called Eremurus ‘Cleopatra’. Super-neat plant. Super-neat color. And really does attract pollinators of every kind. You really don’t get to see the shape of it because the bee is so small. And by so small…think of a grain of rice and cut that in half in your mind. So very, very tiny. Love the little ones. Very pleased with this shot.

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