Face and Pollen in the Trumpet Vines

I complained a bit about ‘mums yesterday. I’ve got nothing at all bad to say about Trumpet Vines – which is probably strange. Mums are way more innocuous. Guess I’d feel differently were I a linesman. Linesperson? Line-repair-tool-having human? Sorry.

Anyway, tho they do annoy some people, they’re so prolific and such a grand attractor of bees (and lots and lots of wasps and hornets). Love the look of this one – the face and the pollen. Just stinkin’ cute!

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Kind of a Twofer…if the Abdomen End Counts

I think that’s a locust borer beetle. I’m much more sure about the rest of the pic being about a cute little honeybee on a chrysanthemum. Never one of my favorite flowers. Maybe it’s the colored aluminum foil on cheap plastic pots on Memorial Day. A hope for better than $5.99 at the grocery store. In fact, I’m guessing that’s it. Thought that counts and better than nothing and all that – but somehow disappointing.

Thinking about it, though, it’s probably not the ‘mums’ fault. And isn’t that odd punctuation? Sure not meant to be single quotes.

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Another from the 30th

I don’t remember what this little flower is called. It’s pretty unobtrusive – doesn’t draw lots of attention to itself. And I’ve not seen too many bees on it, generally. Yet it was blooming and blooming and attracting and doing all manner of flower things on the last warm day. And I got a few good shots of it. This one was my favorite.

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Nearly a Halloween Bee on a Fall Crocus!!

Shot yesterday afternoon (after I’d posted yesterday’s bee). Fall honeybee girl on a fall crocus. Strange crop/composition with the dark shadow on the right (I could have cut lots of it out), but I chose to include the flower’s shadow because the bee’s shadow and the flower’s sexyparts are a fun part of the pic.

I was so delighted to see these yesterday – and to shoot some. I thought we were all done for the season. Another goodie coming tomorrow from the same series. And, who knows, maybe I get to shoot on Halloween?? Beats shoveling snow for sure.

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