Offer: 2022 Beefriends Calendar

You’d think that if I were trying to make a living selling art, I’d be better about offering it for sale. Already the 11th of December and I’ve not offered this year’s calendar on this site. But here it is. It will ship on Monday or Tuesday (just reloaded another order) and it should arrive for Christmas giving. The prices are the same as last year: $12 for the 5×7 and $20 for the 8×10. I do need to add a couple of dollars for shipping this year, though. Below, you can click through the months, gallery-style, to see the photos included. It’s a pretty good value in that you get 14 great shots (that you can even frame if you’d like).

Buy using the link below (credit card via Square) – or email me at to use Venmo or another payment method:

$12.00 or $20.00 Buy now

Digression – Offer: See my Other Work

I’m terrible at self-promotion. But I do make a living with my photography – mostly at art festivals and shows. Right now, for only a few more days (until May 10th), some of my work is available at: The Virtual Best of the Northwest Spring Market. Have a look there, not only at my stuff, but at the other accomplished artists there. There’s some incredible work.

You can also support this site, which I appreciate greatly, by clicking on the link on the right (or the bottom, if you’re using a phone) under the heading Support this Site.
Also, any of the photos on this site are available as prints…or in hexagons. Here’s an example of how the hexagons are being used in an office of a company whose name is bee-themed:

Offer – Acrylic Honeycomb Hexagon Prints

(Scroll past for today’s bee) – Oh, wow – this is super neat!, out of Michigan, is offering some shots from this site among their products. Click on and scroll down (or hit the products drop-down menu) for a link. The direct link is: They look like this (but not so dark – working on that – see below for a better example of what they’ll really look like). honeycomb/hex collection – using photos from

They’re available in 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″ sizes and make a neat mosaic. I’ll take a shot of one here soon to show. The costs are, $14.95, $24.95, $34.95, and $54.95 (respectively) and we can probably arrange a volume discount.

ALSO – you can order ANY bee of the day in any size here on this site. I’ll have buttons at the bottom of each day’s post soon – meantime, if you find a few you like, email me at and we’ll get the order started. They look so good in a mosaic…people at the last couple of festivals have really responded well seeing them in person.

Here’s what the bee from Sept. 12th might look like in a hex:

And here’s the same picture that’s in the upper-left side of the first pic in this post. Notice the difference in brightness? They look like this one – not so dark:

2021 Beefriends Calendars Available (Today’s bee just below)

Maybe a little early…maybe not. Two sizes available: the large is 8.5″ x 11″ and the smaller is 5″ x 7″. Twelve months and fourteen shots (from this site).

Large is $20.00 shipped (within the U.S. – International at cost)
Small is $12.00 shipped

Click here to order. I’ll ship them in near-real time.