Almost Like Groundhog Day

But not, fortunately. Those of you who went through the 100+ bees day of May 10th saw a lot of asters. Now more today.

But these are Spring asters. Not something I’ve had before. And a really neat little native in them. Including two pics from the same bee today. Looks like a sweat bee, but I don’ think it is.

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Overtime 033-050 – I give up!!

Getting late. Wanted to finish posting these. But it’s not going to happen today unless I do it this way. So I think the final tally will be: 150 bee shots, 10 or so bonus (quasi-) pollinator shots, and one beebaby iris shot.

Here are the rest of ’em:

Rude one on a Semp – those mandibles!!!! Stuff of nightmares?
Sweat Bee on a Hyacinth
And the Liatris…
Beeneck…and those eyes.
Oh, those pollen buckets!
Brown-belted on a Sunflower…again
Escaping the Tulip
The Cone Flower rides again…or maybe…it’s the one being ridden?
Not Quite the Last Aster
Great face on that huntii
Tiny, tiny, tiny one with two tulips.
The last of the sedums
Approaching the Liatris to reload
The last Russian Sage
The last Cone Flower
Hard to believe, but the last aster. It also occurs to me that everyone will be viewing this backward to how I posted it. So prepare yourself – many more asters to follow!
Fantastic Agastache
The last of the last of the last – from the third swarm (May 2020). Phew!!
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Bee 078 – Tiny One in a Tulip

Normally, I prefer shots that show the eye. Seems to us humans that if the eye is in focus, the pic is in focus. Not sure I want to try to explain, but it just is. But sometimes, you get what you get with the bees. Kind of a neat shot.

Two things to notice: First, beeneck. Tickles me every time I get that little bit of white. Seems so small, compared to the rest of the creature. Second, notice the focus on the pollen in the bottom of the shot. The pollen coats the entire inside, but is only in focus for 2-3mm in the shot. Fortunately, mostly in the plane that the be occupies. I’ve better examples of it, but again, it’s illustrative of the shallow, shallow focal plane.

This is a tiny tulip, btw. And a tiny bee.

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Bee 045 – Sweat Bee on Something Gorgeous

I kinda mostly know what’s planted in our gardens – can figure it out – or ask. But this one comes from Red Butte Garden again. No idea what the flower is. But it’s really pretty. Love the yellow in the middle as it opens. And this one is another argument for larger shots here – have to get it figured out. The detail on the bee is amazing.

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Bee 042 – Tiny One on a Sunflower

I want to call this one a Sweat Bee, but I don’t think it is. I was told that there are some sunflower-specific natives here – and that they have hairy legs. Need to get better at identification. But it’s a neat shot. And this particular bee gets so so so pollen-laden everywhere. So hard to shoot, but when the focus is right, it’s amazing. About the size of a grain of rice.

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Bee 040 – Metallic Green Sweat Bee on a Dahlia

This is one of my better shots of one of my favorite bees – on a wrecked Dahlia again. Love the eyes.

Shot a few of these yesterday, too – they’re so tiny – and busy. They don’t pose as well as some of the others. But I love this shot. You can really see the detail and the color.

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