Finally…a Native!

Have only seen honeybees this spring so far…until today. Only got a couple of shots of this little one (sweat bee) before she went elsewhere. Been wondering about them (the natives, I mean) for a while. Was nice to finally see something different. Now…where are the bumbles? In other news, just got a text from our beekeeping friend – our (foster) bees will be back in 3-4 weeks. Fantastic!

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Leafcutter and Wing Shadow

It tickles me – delights me – when I find pictures of the shadows of bees’ wings. Or a bee shadow on petals when the bee is in flight. When you write or draw with light (photo (light) graph (to draw or write)), literally, the shadows are such an important part of the whole. This isn’t a great example of shadows as part of the broader composition…but it’s neat for me to see. And the bee looks great. Those eyes!

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A Standby: Sublime Longhorn in a Sunflower

The longhorns are so partial to the sunflowers. And they’re such complex, hairy-looking things. Have so many shots of them that are similar to this. And most of them give the same feeling. There’s an easy smoothness looking at them. They’re all different – and this one is great if only for the green background. Nice combination of colors and shapes – even composition is interesting. And, of course, the bee looks great.

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Black and Grey Leafcutter on the Larkspur

This one had just landed. Got several nice shots in flight that will show up later. The light’s a little strange, but the bee looks fantastic. That coloration is something I rarely see. Still has the neat leafcutter eyes, though. The yellow in the background is a mess of blanket flowers. Because the larkspur is so tall and otherwise unsupported (single stalks), it’s often hard to get a clear shot. That wind and all. But this one worked out well…especially the wings.

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Admittedly a Lousy Photo – but the Bee is SUPER!

This is a pretty irredeemable shot. But it’s the only one I got of this little one. It’s a mason bee. And it’s just neat. So suffer with me through the low quality. Yet revel in the danged bee.

Well, like the philosopher Jagger once said, “You can’t always get what you want.”

But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get the bee you need.

That was a bad stretch into pop culture obscurity. You’re welcome.

Could be that the philosopher Stills might have been a better fit: …love the bee you’ve got… !

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Sweat Bee on a Partridge Feather

This is a neat (if not fairly aggressive) ground cover. Most of the year, it’s greeney-silvery leaves, but in the early summer it throws up blossoms like those in the pic. It’s pretty cold hardy (does well to zone 4) and doesn’t take much water. In fact, it doesn’t want much water.

Don’t have very many shots of bees on it because I’m either not paying great attention when it’s in bloom (so much of the rest of the garden is then, too) or it doesn’t throw all that much pollen. So it was neat to see this little sweat bee on it when I was looking for a pic for today.

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Another Gorgeous Girl on Another Aster

This one is from October, 2020. Got about eight inches of snow here over the past couple of days and I’m really thinking lots about spring. The bees that are in the yard during the warmer months are now in California at work in the almond orchards. Looking forward to their return. Until then, enjoy shots from warmer days past. Like this one. And grab a 2020 calendar or two. They turned out really well!

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