Golden and Clover (over and over)

That really didn’t work, did it? I try to shoot the clover in the grass when I can and it doesn’t often work. Don’t know if it did this time. At least there’s a bee on it. There’s something appealing to me about the busy, randomness of this shot, though. And she’s today’s bee. And that matters somehow.

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Losing the Mojo?

It’s been almost two weeks since I picked up a camera for bees. Got some wild horses and wild burros, but no bees. Traveling too much. So yesterday, when I picked up the camera for a few minutes, something seemed off – a little foreign, even. Wasn’t feeling it.

Didn’t last, however, and seemed nice to slip back into the familiar. I think I got some nice late summer/early shots. Those asters are going wild right now. Here’s one. I like it.

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The First of Many Quick Hits – Beautiful on the Alyssum

Trying to get out the door to go to the Durango Art Festival (Sat and Sun of this week) so I’m pre-loading a few. Will extend the trip into Arizona to photograph some burros so I’ll be away for a while. So forgive me for little narrative this week. Actually, many of you will like it. I think.

Nice composition on this one. And a great bee!

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Nice to See Rozanne Again!

Always a challenge to shoot bees on geraniums. But I sure like to. This is one of my favorite flowers. They seem so optimistic to me…and they persist for so long (blooming, not the individual blossoms). They do, though, tend to sprawl and wander and look a little ratty if left to their own program. The bees love them, though. And the blossoms themselves are really pretty.

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Seems Idyllic to Me

Not much to say about this one. You’ve probably noticed by now that I have a thing for depth of focus. This shot just seems so serene. So much like what I’d imagine one of my good shots would look like. Maybe even how I think I see the bees and flowers. I’m not explaining this well. But this one speaks to me.

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a honeybee on a salvia.

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