In the Ratty Alyssum

This alyssum has been at it for a while. You can see the seed pods to the left and right of that bunch of blossoms that the bee is visiting. Also in the lower right corner. Good shot of the bee and her wings – those veins. This plant is classified as an annual, and it is. But it is a little like a perennial in that it keeps showing up each year – it seeds itself (as evidenced by this shot). It doesn’t wander much, but the color (owing to the bees’ good work) can morph through time.

We generally end up planting a flat or two here and there, but there’s always a great crop of volunteers there and here, too. This one is kind of tricky for bees because sometimes it’s just bare…and on other days it’s pulsing with bees. With some plants, I can kind of tell where in the pollen cycle they are and predict rightly when the bees will be on it. Haven’t really figured this one out – and it’s somewhat strange because each plant – each bunch – usually has so many blossoms that some ought to be throwing pollen. But it seems an all-or-nothing thing for the bees.

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Hangin’ on the Sedum

I seem to recall that this one isn’t classified as a sedum anymore. But I sure can’t remember what we’re supposed to call it. Wait a week, though. Might be a sedum again. We’ve got this plant (whatever it is) in pink and white. And the bees seem especially acrobatic on it. They’ve got to contort some to get the nectar out. Lots of beeneck shots on this particular plant. Here’s a good one with some nice tongue. Enjoy!

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If it Quacks Like a Duck…

Normally, finding and posting a bee pic is a fun process. Sometimes I’m short on time and it gets a little harried, but normally it’s something I enjoy. Not sure what happened this morning, but everything seemed twisted and mired. I chose this one from June of 2020. It well could be from Young’s Living Farm, but something went wonky with the hard drive (yes, I have a backup) so there’s no way to tell in this moment. It has to be on lavender, no (seems to be quacking at me)? But there’s no white lavender in these gardens so it must be from somewhere else? Anyway, she’s cute and you get a bit of a look at her neck. And that “publish” button is mocking me and wants to be pressed. When you do something daily, some days end up being better than others. And some end up being weirder. Wonder what the upcoming hours will bring…

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This on the Blanket Flower…Seems a Little Dark

But I’m told that some people like that. I tend to lighten the dark stuff quite a bit, but it might be a matter of taste. So I’m going to leave this one as-is just because it’s not my wont (want?). Ha! Very cute bee on a very pretty blanket flower. I especially like the veins in the wings in this one. Nature’s stained glass window template.

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First Attempt from the Gallery…in the Creeping Thyme

I don’t have broadband yet at the gallery, so I’m using my phone as a hotspot. The connection is…terrible. So…we’ll see if this works and how long it takes. Lots of kinks to work out with this new addition to life. You sure get a good look at her…and the tiny, tiny, tiny thyme blossoms. That concrete provides a nice background, too. And notice how the thyme is incursioning (I say that’s a verb) and, well, creeping. It recognizes no borders!

Sidenote: sad that the last sentence could be interpreted in today’s world. Not meant to be one. AND…I choose to use language and live life in ways that make sense to me. If someone wants to twist some strange meaning into what I say or how I write, it’s on them. Not me. Creeping thyme just doesn’t recognize boundaries!

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Already December…Yet on an Agastache in August

Just a sweet shot of a little one on an agastache. From August of this year. A bit of pollen on her back and all over her face. This agastache is a beautiful plant, but it’s been miserable to shoot on/at. Because each stalk comes from the ground (it doesn’t branch) and the stalks are pretty tall, it’s vulnerable to flapping in even the mildest breeze. Then, the intervals at which it throws pollen (I guess), are odd so some days (and at some times of the day) there are bees…but often it has none. Finally, the wool carder bees seem to love this particular plant – and they’re very territorial. So when a honeybee manages to land, a wool carder will often knock her off just as I’m acquiring focus. Probably more than you wanted to know. But do know that I’m thrilled when I can get a good shot on this one. I like the plant lots. It’s beautiful and it’s been a nice challenge to shoot at/on it.

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Just Another on the Russian Sage

Pretty typical honeybee on the Russian Sage. Looking at this, I thought, “there’s nothing very special about this shot”. And then I realized that “nothing special” here is quite a thing. Something this lovely and detailed (talking about the bee and the blossoms) and glorious is somewhat “meh” to me…makes me realize how fortunate I am to think this pedestrian. And I’m not talking about the photography itself – but nature. Intricate, beautiful, timeless nature. What a thrilling thing to be in a world where this is every day.

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Great Shot on the Blanket Flower

Wish I knew which one this is. Might be Mesa Peach. But might not. Have a few different varieties that I picked up here and there. And I think they morph a little through time, too. One very red one didn’t get much action this year…or I didn’t get many photos of the action that happened. Interested to see if/how they seed next year.

No set date yet for the gallery opening. Hoping for sometime in November – complete with a new website for stuff other than/including bees. Will continue with this one, too, of course.

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