Antegrandinis Iris with Bee

Yes, I did make up that word. And it’s been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to know if I used it right. Tough.

Here’s today’s bee. Shot before the next pic happened.

Phone pic of the aftermath of a HUGE hailstorm that just wrecked everything. Notice that the standards are shredded and the middle of the flower is full of hail. I got there a bit late…after it melted some. Brutal on everything blooming.

I keep saying, “there’s probably a lesson there” here on this site. There probably is. I’m going to go with two: First, no matter how well you do your stuff…mindfully and elegantly…sometimes life comes along and hails (that may or may not be a euphemism) on it. Second, the hail melts and becomes a memory quickly…while the protected buds unfurl and the beauty returns. Irises and other flowers keep going. So do the bees. So do you. It’s what we all do.

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Overtime 033-050 – I give up!!

Getting late. Wanted to finish posting these. But it’s not going to happen today unless I do it this way. So I think the final tally will be: 150 bee shots, 10 or so bonus (quasi-) pollinator shots, and one beebaby iris shot.

Here are the rest of ’em:

Rude one on a Semp – those mandibles!!!! Stuff of nightmares?
Sweat Bee on a Hyacinth
And the Liatris…
Beeneck…and those eyes.
Oh, those pollen buckets!
Brown-belted on a Sunflower…again
Escaping the Tulip
The Cone Flower rides again…or maybe…it’s the one being ridden?
Not Quite the Last Aster
Great face on that huntii
Tiny, tiny, tiny one with two tulips.
The last of the sedums
Approaching the Liatris to reload
The last Russian Sage
The last Cone Flower
Hard to believe, but the last aster. It also occurs to me that everyone will be viewing this backward to how I posted it. So prepare yourself – many more asters to follow!
Fantastic Agastache
The last of the last of the last – from the third swarm (May 2020). Phew!!
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Disaster!! Today’s was the Same Honeybee on the Same Crocus (of Feb 29) – Replacement Asterbee

A little late on an aster…

Well, I figured this might happen at some point…but not so soon. So double post today. I’m not going to delete the mistake because…something about being archival or some ethical mess that doesn’t even make sense to myself.

But here’s a beautiful girl on an aster. Love the pollen in her eye.

/end trainwreck

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