Pollen, Larkspur, and Very Bad Light

Of all the shots I have, I really don’t know why I chose this one for today. Must be the pollen. I don’t think it came from the larkspurs. Every plant has both its own pollen (size, color, etc.) – and it seems to end up in different places on the bee, depending on the blossom. Maybe in a few years, I’ll be able to look at a dirty bee and say (definitively) where it’s been. Aspiring again, I guess…

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Bumble in Something that is Called a Lily but is Not

I’m really bad at this this morning…trying to get out the door and preload a few days worth of bees. And I’m not taking the time to find out the names of some of the plants I’m posting. And cannot remember – leaky brain. Will happen to you, too, eventually.

But…it’s a great bumble. Some plants seem to keep the bees for a long time – whereas others it’s almost like they bounce in and out. Something to do with how and where they throw pollen – and how much pollen and nectar are available. If you’re only getting a snack, you don’t need to stay long…best hit and go – and repeat.

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A New Kind of Bumble

I don’t recall ever having photographed this bumble before. It started out in the neighbor’s yard and I followed it across the street to our gardens. It hung around a long, long time on the cone flowers and I probably shot too many shots of it. But it’s such a neat looking one. So furry/hairy.

So…here’s one on what looks to be stacked cone flowers. Fun shot and a really great bee.

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Early Morning Bumble

Our neighbors to the east put in a water-wise garden in their parking strip a couple of years ago. It looks fantastic. The four Russian Sages are magnets for bees and other pollinators. Plus, with access on both sides, they’re wonderful for photos, too. And the neighbors don’t seem to mind, at least overtly, the guy out there with a camera squatting and contorting, etc. Great neighbors for so many reasons.

Shot this one this morning about thirty minutes before the sun crested the mountains. Neat bee, plant, background, light, etc. Plus tongue, in flight… Just a fun one.

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Navigating between the Larkspur and Penstemmons

A brown-belted bumble bee with full pollen baskets in flight. Kind of late in the day as you can see by the shadows. But a great look at the brown belt on the bee.

Apologies for the uninteresting narrative. Trying to get several days posted in advance and I’m lacking inspiration and energy. Long day long drive tomorrow.

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Somewhat Accidental Bumble on the Cone Flower

So I was able to shoot a little this afternoon (on the road again to Colorado (this time) on Thursday early) and was looking through the pics as they copied over. I mis-clicked on this one and opened my editing/shrinking program (rather than my viewing program) and this came up.

It looked nice…good…and not in need of a crop at all. The early evening light is a bit harsh on the near cone flower…but the other behind it…and the phlox there in the shadows…made me want to keep and post it as today’s bee. So. There ya go!

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Bumble in the Penstemmons in the Sedum Angelina

Lots going on in this one. The Angelina, of course, and the penstemmon…and the wings and tongue and face and pollen. A good kind of busy. Especially like the wing blur.

Will be in Whitefish, Montana on Fri, Sat, Sun for the art festival. Come check it out if you’re in the area!

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Bumble – Almost on a Larkspur

Late light on this one. But the wing blur is neat. As is the detail. Posting this one in advance, too, because I think I’ll be working on cleanup/takedown after the art fair in Logan, Utah.

Guessing we were all hot yet all had a good time. Hoping that’s the case. And hoping a lot of people I met are visiting this site for the first time!

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Neighbor’s Snapdragons

I have a wonderful neighbor who lives across the street from me and she’s got beautiful gardens. Her granddaughter wants a shot of a bee in her garden, so late in the day, I shot a little there. Not sure this is the shot I was after, but any bumble in flight is a good bee. Note the yellow in the pollen basket.

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