Bonus – Skipper on a Black-eyed Susan

Not sure if I like how this one came out. It’s a neat pic, but I’m thinking this arrangement here doesn’t do it justice. Maybe it just needs to be bigger. Lots of detail that seems to get lost.

I like the color palate of this one – maybe I’m not using the term right, but it seems scoped – bounded – and right in line with the relative drabness of this skipper.

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Bonus – Out of Bounds!!

This probably isn’t okay. But… I thought I’d show you what I do in the winter for photo therapy when I can’t roll down the front porch into the flowers and bees.

Here’s a rough-legged hawk from Friday of this week:

And here’s a wild mustang stallion portrait from yesterday. Shot in the west desert of Utah. Check out his scars! They fight a lot.

I probably won’t do this again, but kinda wanted to show that my camera isn’t idle in the winter… Hope you enjoyed the distractions.

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