Lots Going on on the Catmint

Catmint again. And sedum angelina in the background again. Was trying to shoot some bees and got distracted by the ladybug (turns out they have compound eyes, too – not a surprise but neat to see in some other shots). As I was following her (him?) with the camera, a bee showed up. Strange composition and kind of distracting with the blurs in the foreground and the deep shadows…but pretty neat to get both with a bit of focus. We’ll call the ladybug an “inadvertent pollinator”, too.

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Bonus – First Dragonfly of the Season

Followed this one around the yard for a while hoping it would land and let me get a shot. Kept spooking it – it was really skittish. Finally it landed on the sidewalk – and let me crawl on my belly until I was really, really close. Only cropped about 10pct off the right side on this shot so it prettymuch filled the frame. Trouble is, it’s on the sidewalk. But you really get a good look at the compound eye. And the sidewalk. And the shadow (again). And the very narrow depth-of-focus.

But it is the first dragonfly of the year. And that matters.

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Bonus – Another Look at a Hummingbird on an Agastache

Well, another look for me. Different edit/crop. Was organizing pics the other day and came across this one and had a re-look. They sure love the agastaches. They nest in a bald cypress nearby. The cats…well…don’t have the notion of coexistence in their heads, though. So there are fewer hummingbirds around than I think there should be. But this is a neat one – all the way in!

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Bonus – A Very, Very Inadvertent Pollinator

This is a bee site, I know. But from time to time I’ll bonus (that’s a verb today) with other pollinators – many of which are called “inadvertent pollinators”. I suspect as they wander the desert (and they do wander) these mustangs drag pollen here and there and all over the place. If they don’t, let’s all agree to pretend they do and enjoy this shot of a newborn foal. He’s a handsome critter! From a couple of weeks ago out in the west desert.

Parenthetically, I think I’m going to become an inadvertent pollinator myself. At the art festival in St. George last weekend, I was set up with my pop-up tent under a tree that was throwing pollen like mad. Had to blow off my pictures and prints several times throughout the weekend…and the top of my tent was a light green on Saturday night instead of its normal white (kinda gray now, I guess). I blew off as much as I could, but I’m guessing that this upcoming weekend in Arizona, I’ll be spreading Utah pollen all over the place. But thankfully I’ve got the good sense not to post a pic of that particular pollen dragger;). Enjoy!

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Bonus – Everyone Loves the Squills

Including this black, thread-waisted wasp. Maybe not everyone. I learned that some say that the Siberian Squill is invasive and that it will take over a garden. So there’s that. Guess it depends some on the climate. They have kind of set up an autonomous zone under a cherry tree here…have to keep an eye ;).

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