Bonus: Banded Garden Spider

Got a text on Saturday from our neighbors to the east inviting me to come and photograph a really neat spider that was living in the lavender. I was out of town and regretted not being able to shoot (especially after seeing the phone pics).

So…this morning I grabbed my camera and had a look. Really, really neat, colorful critter. Big, too! Not entirely pleased with how it came out…so I might go back for more. But…it’s a fun shot. We have the best neighborhood!

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Bonus: On the Yuccanotyucca

Shot this a few minutes ago. Afternoon light that’s kind of soft. Love this plant. Been going for at least two months. And looking really good. Something to be said for the persistent desert plants. For more info on this plant, see this post.

Not sure how I got that blur in the background with the bee so hard in focus. I like the effect, though.

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Bonus: Some Butterfly that I Haven’t ID-ed

But it’s really a neat looking one on the salvia. Note that on its tail, there’s an eye shape/pattern. When I look at it, even though I’ve seen this one many times, my first thought is that the head is on the tail. Good adaptation, I guess, to fool the predators. And the photographer…

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Bonus: Hummingbird at Dusk

The hummingbirds are swarming my neighbor’s feeder. Started shooting way late and everything was dark and grainy. Will try a bit earlier today. But here’s a cute guy doing his thing. Was hard not to get the feeder in the shots…especially acquiring focus in that light. But this one isn’t terrible. And it’s been a while since I’ve bonused.

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Bonus – Big Beetle on Something Weird

I was mowing the lawn yesterday late in the day and felt something on my arm. Turns out it was a ladybug-looking beetle. Was about four times the size of a normal ladybug, though. Neat looking thing. Seemed to be content riding around on the inside of my forearm. So I grabbed a camera and tried to shoot. Had a hard time getting her all in the shot as you can see – full frame there. A little gross with the freckles and the hair (yes, a gray or two you notice). But a really neat bug. Deposited her in the sedum angelina and she wandered off. Hope she’s full of aphids. They’re having a very, very good year around here.

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