Bonus: Ladybug by Request

Been sitting on this one for a few days (not having found time to post it). But at the art festival last weekend, a woman asked if I had any prints of ladybugs. Didn’t have any on hand, but I did promise to post this shot (several others to be seen on this site by clicking on the “ladybug” tag). Fun one on the foliage of the California poppy.

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Bonus: Another Damselfly

Was checking a bunch of lavender looking (with lots of hope) for bees. Wasn’t quite ready yet. But this pretty one showed up. Also saw a dragonfly today, but it sure had no interest in holding still for me. Still looking…

Oh, and I think I should mention: every day when I put the copyright (© on a picture, I pick a contrasting color from another part of the picture. Today’s purple (in the text) came from the damselfly’s eye. I never knew!

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Bonus: Brand New BeeBaby

So here’s some evidence of pollination. This is a new iris this year that the bees created. There are several of these “BeeBabies” new this year and I’ll be posting pics of them as they blossom. This one is especially cute and looks like a keeper! It’s a shortie, but it’s just gorgeous. And super neat that it’s a product of these little ones.

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Bonus: Back Catalog Bumble

So today I shot bees for a while. Sorted through the shots and figured I had about 200 or so that I could publish on the site (if I wanted to). Lots were similar to each other, of course, and that could be less than interesting. But I say that to point out that during the winter, when the bees are dormant, I do have lots of back catalog to use to come up with the daily bee.

That said, normally during the winter I scramble to find a new bee every day. That’s my habit, usually. That’s frustrating, though, in that the evenings seem to compress…and I run out of time. And bee posting can become a chore. So…frustrated with myself, I frontloaded February and March of this year – picked a shot for each day of those two months. Meant to take some pressure off myself. But…with the return of the bees (and posting “shot today” bees), I find the folder called “ready to post” burgeoning. Not that that’s a bad thing, but…

So…here’s the shot that I would have published today had the bees still been dormant (or I had not shot, etc.). It’s a great bumble (Hunt’s) on that pollen-throwing workhorse, the blanket flower. Bonus! Enjoy.

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