Bonus – A Very, Very Inadvertent Pollinator

This is a bee site, I know. But from time to time I’ll bonus (that’s a verb today) with other pollinators – many of which are called “inadvertent pollinators”. I suspect as they wander the desert (and they do wander) these mustangs drag pollen here and there and all over the place. If they don’t, let’s all agree to pretend they do and enjoy this shot of a newborn foal. He’s a handsome critter! From a couple of weeks ago out in the west desert.

Parenthetically, I think I’m going to become an inadvertent pollinator myself. At the art festival in St. George last weekend, I was set up with my pop-up tent under a tree that was throwing pollen like mad. Had to blow off my pictures and prints several times throughout the weekend…and the top of my tent was a light green on Saturday night instead of its normal white (kinda gray now, I guess). I blew off as much as I could, but I’m guessing that this upcoming weekend in Arizona, I’ll be spreading Utah pollen all over the place. But thankfully I’ve got the good sense not to post a pic of that particular pollen dragger;). Enjoy!

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Bonus – Everyone Loves the Squills

Including this black, thread-waisted wasp. Maybe not everyone. I learned that some say that the Siberian Squill is invasive and that it will take over a garden. So there’s that. Guess it depends some on the climate. They have kind of set up an autonomous zone under a cherry tree here…have to keep an eye ;).

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Bonus – Spiders Do What Spiders Do

Looks like this jumping spider made a successful jump. She had a really hard time getting the bee out of the tulip. Wrestled and wrestled with it. Tried a lot of paths out. I watched for maybe five minutes and got distracted. Checked an hour or so later and she’d finally pulled the bee away to somewhere. She sure had a hard time exiting the tulip, though. I know photos like this disturb some folks, but it’s all part of the dynamic of the garden – the dynamic of this world. And it deserves to be noticed.

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Bonus – Contrasting Colors and a Wasp

Paper wasp on a Siberian Squill. Lots of those lately. They seem to like what the squill has to offer. Or…maybe they’re just hunting because that’s where the other critters are currently. The orange-ey looking succulent is Sedum Angelina. One of my very favorites. Great ground cover. Today it’s mostly orange. But it can be green, brown, yellow, orange, or even red. Depending. One of the reasons I like it so much is that while it spreads everywhere fast (and keeps the weeds down, mostly), it’s pretty easy to remove. That’s not always the case with effective ground covers. So here’s a paper wasp face.

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First Anniversary – 360-400 plus Bonuses!

Well, the point of this was to post a year’s worth of bees in a single day – on the first anniversary of the bee-a-day, daily bee, whatever it is. Like always, I overdid – and am finishing a bit late. Pretty normal. So…here is a year’s worth of bees and more…in reverse order. Hope you enjoy!

Bee 361:

Bee 362:

Bee 363:

Bee 364:

Bonus 145:

Bee 365:

Bonus 146:

Bee 366:

Bonus 147:

Bonus 148:

Bee 367:

Bee 368:

Bee 369:

Bee 370:

Bee 371:

Bee 372:

Bee 373:

Bee 374:

Bee 375:

Bonus 149:

Bee 376:

Bee 377:

Bee 378:

Bonus 150:

Bee 379:

Bonus 151:

Bonus 152:

Bee 380:

Bee 381:

Bee 382:

Bee 383:

Bee 384:

Bee 385:

Bee 386:

Bee 387:

Bee 388:

Bee 389:

Bee 390:

Bee 391:

Bee 392:

Bonus 153:

Bonus 154:

Bonus 155:

Bee 393:

Bee 394:

Bee 395:

Bonus 156:

Bee 396:

Bonus 157:

Bonus 158:

Bee 397:

Bee 398:

Bonus 159:

Bee 399:

Bonus 160:

Bee 400:

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First Anniversary – 331-360 plus Bonuses!

Twelve of thirteen…

Bee 331:

Bonus 133:

Bee 332:

Bee 333:

Bee 334:

Bonus 135:

Bonus 136:

Bee 335:

Bonus 137:

Bee 336:

Bee 337:

Bonus 138:

Bee 338:

Bee 339:

Bee 340:

Bee 341:

Bee 342:

Bonus 138:

Bee 343:

Bee 344:

Bee 345:

Bee 346:

Bee 347:

Bee 348:

Bee 349:

Bee 350:

Bee 351:

Bee 352:

Bonus 139:

Bonus 140:

Bonus 141:

Bonus 142:

Bonus 143:

Bee 353:

Bonus 144:

Bee 354:

Bee 355:

Bee 356:

Bee 357:

Bee 358:

Bee 359:

Bee 360:

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First Anniversary – 301-330 plus Bonuses!

The eleventh chunk – of thirteen.

Bee 301:

Bonus 121:

Bee 302:

Bee 303:

Bee 304:

Bee 305:

Bee 306:

Bee 307:

Bee 308:

Bee 309:

Bee 310:

Bee 311:

Bonus 122:

Bee 312:

Bee 313:

Bee 314:

Bee 315:

Bonus 123:

Bee 316:

Bonus 124:

Bee 317:

Bee 318:

Bee 319:

Bonus 125:

Bee 320:

Bee 321:

Bonus 126:

Bonus 127:

Bonus 128:

Bee 322:

Bonus 129:

Bee 323:

Bee 324:

Bee 325:

Bee 326:

Bee 327:

Bee 328:

Bonus 130:

Bee 329:

Bonus 131:

Bonus 132:

Bee 330:

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