Bee Buffet: Inaugural Post

So…you get to see so many neat bees…really on only parts of flowers. And, somehow, I think I’m doing you a disservice by not showing things in a broader context. I’ve got so many great shots of the remarkable gardens here…so I’m going to create a separate tag called Bee Buffet under which I’ll post some shots of individual flowers, combinations, and garden shots. Incredible stuff.

Today’s is just a random rose – I’m sure it has a name. Just sitting in a pot on the front porch steps, but it caught my eye this morning when I was out after bees. If you’re particularly interested in the names of it or anything else, ask in a comment (there’s a link to every post) and I’ll try to get it figured out.

That said, here’s a pretty rose – a minuscule fraction of the broader buffet:

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