100+ Bee Day – May 10th

Because May 10th was the 100th consecutive day of the “Bee-a-Day” on this site, I decided to celebrate by posting 100 bees that day. I kinda got carried away. Final tally: 150 bees posted, 10 bonus (quasi-)pollinators, and one beebaby iris.

Click here to go to The Day of 100+ Bees… Here’s a shot to whet your whistle…metaphorically, of course:

Day of 100(+) Bees!!

Today is the 100th day of “The Daily Bee”. To celebrate, I’m going to post 100(+) bees today. These shots are drawn from, at random, three folders on my computer. One is from a particulary good day at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake, the other is from what I thought were from some nice shots this Spring, and the other is a sampling of shots from 2018. Again, random – had about 14,000 to pick from – and randomized the pics you see here. There will be some similar pics – Sedum and Asters are pretty overrepresented. But random does what random does – especially when the deck’s long on Sedum and Aster.

I’m also including a few “bonus” pollinators in the mix. Hope you enjoy. Good fun for me. Here’s a “beebaby” iris to get started – a creation of pollination. And it turned out well!

Scroll down for the rest of this long mess…or click here to go to the Day of 100 Bees. I’m going to leave this stickied up top for a week or so. Or you can scroll through the daily posts until you reach May 10th.

Final tally: 150 bees posted, 10 bonus (quasi-)pollinators, and one beebaby iris. Hope you enjoy. Was fun to put together!

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Overtime 033-050 – I give up!!

Getting late. Wanted to finish posting these. But it’s not going to happen today unless I do it this way. So I think the final tally will be: 150 bee shots, 10 or so bonus (quasi-) pollinator shots, and one beebaby iris shot.

Here are the rest of ’em:

Rude one on a Semp – those mandibles!!!! Stuff of nightmares?
Sweat Bee on a Hyacinth
And the Liatris…
Beeneck…and those eyes.
Oh, those pollen buckets!
Brown-belted on a Sunflower…again
Escaping the Tulip
The Cone Flower rides again…or maybe…it’s the one being ridden?
Not Quite the Last Aster
Great face on that huntii
Tiny, tiny, tiny one with two tulips.
The last of the sedums
Approaching the Liatris to reload
The last Russian Sage
The last Cone Flower
Hard to believe, but the last aster. It also occurs to me that everyone will be viewing this backward to how I posted it. So prepare yourself – many more asters to follow!
Fantastic Agastache
The last of the last of the last – from the third swarm (May 2020). Phew!!
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OT 031 – Honeybee on Perhaps my Favorite Spring Bulb

On a Scilla called Scilla section Chionodoxa. I guess. It’s common name is Glory of the Snow. I’ll go with that. It’s a beautiful blue and its backdrop here is made up of black rocks. It doesn’t stick around very long, but the bees really do like it. Its shape and color – the way it unfolds itself – it really appeals to me. Connects in some way. And I like this bee on it.

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OT 030 – Bumble the Blue Sky

I read an article once arguing that cameras are inherently racist. While I won’t speak to that, it sure is hard to get the center of the sunflower to pop without blowing out the sky and the petals. That said, it’s a pretty iconic shot for Summer at this place. The bumble is a Brown-belted.

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