A Little Digression – About Art and Otherwise

I’d like every shot I take to be compelling art. Who wouldn’t? In addition to it being not possible practically in my experience, it might not always be the point. What I might be getting at, ultimately, is that a mugshot and a Leibowitz exist for different purposes. They’re shot for different reasons. And, bear with me, assuming that Leibowitz (or your favorite photographer) is the apex of photographic art…and the mugshot exists simply to document and for no other reason, there’s clearly a continuum – at least one axis.

So…I’d be inclined to put today’s shot on my wall. But probably not yesterday’s. Yesterdays is really clear, interesting, and even compelling. But it doesn’t speak to the less technically-inclined parts of me like today’s does.

So…on this site, I hope you’ll end up with the full spectrum. And I hope you find ways to enjoy every shot. I wouldn’t post them if I didn’t.

Mostly I wanted to get that idea from my head to the (virtual) page. And note that there’s a reason that we don’t sit for an oil done by the modern Rembrandt equivalent when we need a passport photo. Different purposes. Different outcomes. And both useful for their respective purposes.

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