Black and Grey Leafcutter on the Larkspur

This one had just landed. Got several nice shots in flight that will show up later. The light’s a little strange, but the bee looks fantastic. That coloration is something I rarely see. Still has the neat leafcutter eyes, though. The yellow in the background is a mess of blanket flowers. Because the larkspur is so tall and otherwise unsupported (single stalks), it’s often hard to get a clear shot. That wind and all. But this one worked out well…especially the wings.

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On Some White Lavender Today

Just a bit more bee neck. And some whiteish lavender, too. We don’t have this one in the yard, so I have to think I shot this at Young’s Living Farm. When I was there, though, they didn’t offer this one for sale.

We’ll be out of the lavender soon. But, meantime, think about planting some. It’s gorgeous, smells great, has some therapeutic value I’m told, isn’t a water pig, and often blooms twice (though the second bloom isn’t as robust or long-lasting as the first). Oh, and the pollinators just love it!

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Gone Vertical

If I remember right, this one seemed to be sleeping. She moved just a little. The tiny sprayer sprinklers were going back and forth sometimes hitting the flower. Looks like there’s a little droplet up top and a few elsewhere. Nice full-body profile of a pretty one. I shot lots of this particular one because she was holding still…and that’s really rare.

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Still in the Lavender

And running way late today. If you look, you can see a bit of her neck in this pic. It’s that white disc-looking thing there. Recall, too, that insects don’t have bones like you and I have – but an “exoskeleton”, meaning that the rigidity and protection and structure that our bones provide is for them, instead, provided by their “shells” or exterior construction. So that neck of hers is, essentially, a rigid tube that connects her head with her thorax. Need to do some research, but it’s such a strange looking thing (compared to what I might have imagined, had I thought about it before I saw it). And there’s never anything wrong with purple and green!

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Another in the Lavender

Late again…but I did manage to get the camera out of the case today. Went after some birds. Feeling a bit rusty…but got a couple of ducks and a number of birds. Saw some roughies, but didn’t have cooperative light. Plus they’re a little skittish. Also saw some green grass where the snows have receded.

Love this one’s wings. Just a good, fun shot all in all. Won’t be long until the lavender comes back, too. Hunting for little crocus spikes now, though. Dang, this is a pretty good shot!

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A Few Days in the Lavendar

Took some time to look at bee pics today and found myself in June (last) and the lavender. So…next few days some shots from there. Kind of a nicely framed face in this one. And some pretty neat ones coming up.

Has felt a little warmer here lately. And I think my earliest bee shot was on January 28th three or four years ago. That’s just about three weeks away. Unlikely to happen this year…but I’m thinking it’s closer to weeks than months. And that’s pretty heartening. Can mark the days getting longer. I’m reveling in that.

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Almost a Punt Tonight

First, sorry about the hiccup yesterday. I had it all put together and forgot to push that blue button that says, “Publish”. Oops. It’s up now and dated yesterday. So have a look under this one. Nice link to a newspaper article on the new gallery.

Just got back from the opening. Was a really good night. Lots of people, lots of positive response. Momentum seems to be building. Exhausted. Put a lot of energy into that. Felt good, though.

So…today’s bee. Face a bit obscured in the salvia. But fun depth of focus and intresting bokeh…sort of. Wondering what to do on the second anneversary of the site (first of Feb…coming soon)! Enjoy this one for now.

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And another in the Salvia

Blurred wings on this one and pollen all over her face. Kind of lousy shadows, but…cameras need light. And that’s what you get sometimes. Short post today.

Big day tomorrow for the gallery. Grand opening. And that is a bit of a time suck.

Check out this article about the gallery published today in the local paper:

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More Purple and Green – on the Allium

These are super-neat plants. One of the reasons that I like them is that unlike…say an iris, whose petals turn into a slimy mess when they’re done…this one’s blossoms shrivel, but the skeleton shape remains the rest of the season. So what once were balls of color and life, become something like an exploding firework, frozen in a moment. Great shapes for the rest of the year.

But while they’re in bloom, the bees love them. (And they’re relatives of garlic, onions, leeks, etc.)

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