Golden Bumbletongue on the Liatris

Another from September 2019. The twelfth, specifically. I’m a little ashamed to admit that there are days and days worth of bee shots I’ve not looked at yet. This was one of them. Good news is, I’ve got a bunch of good ones to keep this going through the winter(s).

Speaking of which, February first will be the one year anniversary of this site. A years worth of “daily bees”. Look for something fun on the first.

Oh, and this shot. What’s not to like about it?

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Pollen-covered on the Trumpet Vine

Another from September of 2019. Tons and tons of great wasps on this day, too. For some reason, the wasps really love the trumpet vine. All kinds of wasps, too – not only the paper wasps, but others, too. One of these days…

While the pollen basket isn’t in the plane of focus on this one, there’s plenty of pollen that is – including on her right eye. Fun shot. In other news, this particular trumpet vine was growing on a power pole. The utility guys removed it a bit ago. They grow fast, so I suspect it will be back sooner than later.

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September Bumble on a Sunflower

Kind of a strange thing posting bees in the winter. I’ve really got no process for it – finding a bee to post, I mean. Today, I selected the 2019 drive, selected September, and then a random day. Then I scrolled through a sub-folder until I found a shot that spoke to me. That’s today’s bee.

During bee season, I generally try to post a bee from the previous day. But the winter…very different and very random. Hope you enjoy the life and color like I do. Won’t be long before the bees are back, though. Caught a little one a few years ago on an optimistic crocus on Jan 29. That’s a little more than three weeks away. Who knows what this year will do. But the crocuses are loading up right now…and it won’t be long!

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Strange Light and Color on the Liatris

Not sure what to think of this one. The light and color are weird. But…it’s kind of compelling. Normally, it’s about the beeface, too, but not today. And that pollen basket is just starting to fill. I like the feel of this one, even if it’s not quite in line with everything else here. Might be that kind of day…

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