Morning Bumble in the Sunflowers

Shot this one yesterday. Not much of the foreground out of focus in this shot so that’s a little different from my wont. This one was sleeping there…and holding still (which isn’t very normal). It was windy, though, so the flower wasn’t holding still. Grabbed the stalk of the thing so I managed to avoid the worst of the flapping to get this shot. I quite like it.

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This Morning on the Chocolate Daisies

The weather has taken quite a turn here. Cooled off last weekend and seems to be cooling even more. Rain all day (apart from the morning) and quite chilly, compared. Got a few shots before the sun came over the mountain, but bad light and not much activity – and not many things blossoming still. The grasshoppers and the drought have really made a mess of things. Anyway, happy today!

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Twilight Sedum

Got back to bees kind of late yesterday. Being on the road is pretty difficult sometimes. Never enough time to get everything done. Was a fire on the mountain not far away…so I was shooting helicopters with the water dumps on them…and bees. (For those wondering, they got the fire out pretty quickly. Could have been lots nastier. So dry here.)

Here’s a great little one with a full pollen basket. The sedum is one of the plants that don’t need as much water, so they’re looking pretty good. And they give the bees something to love, too.

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