Foxtail Lily with the Tiniest Bee

Also called Eremurus ‘Cleopatra’. Super-neat plant. Super-neat color. And really does attract pollinators of every kind. You really don’t get to see the shape of it because the bee is so small. And by so small…think of a grain of rice and cut that in half in your mind. So very, very tiny. Love the little ones. Very pleased with this shot.

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Bonus – Skipper on a Black-eyed Susan

Not sure if I like how this one came out. It’s a neat pic, but I’m thinking this arrangement here doesn’t do it justice. Maybe it just needs to be bigger. Lots of detail that seems to get lost.

I like the color palate of this one – maybe I’m not using the term right, but it seems scoped – bounded – and right in line with the relative drabness of this skipper.

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Sweat Bee in the Rock Rose

I think this pic is a little too “warm”. Tough. This is such an interesting flower. Have some pink ones, too. Only open for part of the day. Seems random to me (but I know it isn’t). Think opening has as much to do with sunlight (vs. clouds) as it does time of the day. Bees love it, but they’re heavy enough to move the blossoms when they latch on. Really a neat flower. One I haven’t quite figured out yet.

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Honeybee on a White Geranium

Nice face and antennae on this one. She’s cute. This one’s from June last summer. As far as it goes, the honeybees are really fond of this one – seems moreso than any/all of the other geraniums in the yard. Two colors – one white and one kind of pink.

For the record: Geranium x cantabriginese – ‘Biokovo’ is the white and ‘Karmina’ is the pink. Get some. They’re a little wild, but the bees love them!

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Golden Bumble on a Red-tinged Sunflower

This one is from August, 2018. Going through folders I’ve not seen entirely yet – preparing for some fun for the first anniversary of the site…which is just a couple of weeks away. Good fun that day, I’m planning… Also, Yoda I sound like.

Late post today. And silly narrative. At least the bee is cute!

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