Miss September 2023

Apologies if you find the title sexist. I often have my tongue in my cheek and a glint in my eye. And am irreverent.

Great shot of a great bee. She’s the bee for the month of September in next year’s calendar. Hope you can see the grains of pollen on her eye. And backlit bees are just neat. That glow and translucence.

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Another Leafcutter but on a Chocolate Daisy

Very different look at the same (species of) bee as yesterday. Great face. And that mustache. Looks like a baleen, almost. One of my favorite bees. Don’t know if I like the flowers or not. They bloom early in the day and are often closed up by the time I get to shooting. And they get ratty-looking pretty quickly. But they smell good in the morning. And really broadcast the scent.

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Great Look at a Leafcutter on the Blanket Flower

Just another solid shot. Such a good look at that fuzzy little critter. And if you don’t know what I think of blanket flowers, you’ve not been paying attention. Such fun detail all around in this pic. Also – get some of these flowers for your gardens. I’ll bet you’ll love them, too.

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