Nearly a Halloween Bee on a Fall Crocus!!

Shot yesterday afternoon (after I’d posted yesterday’s bee). Fall honeybee girl on a fall crocus. Strange crop/composition with the dark shadow on the right (I could have cut lots of it out), but I chose to include the flower’s shadow because the bee’s shadow and the flower’s sexyparts are a fun part of the pic.

I was so delighted to see these yesterday – and to shoot some. I thought we were all done for the season. Another goodie coming tomorrow from the same series. And, who knows, maybe I get to shoot on Halloween?? Beats shoveling snow for sure.

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A Brown-belted on a Sunflower

Here’s a neat one from late fall. Brown-belted bumble on a volunteer sunflower. This one has a good bit of red in its petals. They migrate around the yard (annuals) and the bees do good work with the pollination. And it’s good fun to see where they’ll show up – and what kind of bee-assisted look any given one will have when it blooms.

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