Might Be the Last of the Lavender

I was pretty surprised to see the lavender firing again yesterday. Waited around for a while (which is not my wont) for a bee and this really cute one showed up. Not great light – nor is it a great shot – but it is a pretty girl on some wonderful fall lavender. And that’s the point today. Getting wistful. Rained like mad the night before, finally. Enjoy!

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Into the Late Fall – And the Asters

Aster and ‘mum time now for sure. And pretty soon they’ll be the only things blooming. But for now, it’s great that they’re going. Got some good looks this afternoon. The clouds were inconsistent so I had a lot of blasty light – and a lot of great light, too. This one is nicely backlit. And gorgeous. One of this series might make the calendar.

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The ‘mums (and Asters) Have Started…

Brutally busy the last week plus. Having a hard time getting things taken care of like I should. And I’ve failed at posting. Have several shots ready, but have not taken the time.

I really don’t like the way ‘mums smell. Like they’ve pre-rotted or something. Or maybe it’s just me. But here’s a great bee with a full pollen basket on this one. I’ll try to catch up…

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