Bonus: Another Damselfly

Was checking a bunch of lavender looking (with lots of hope) for bees. Wasn’t quite ready yet. But this pretty one showed up. Also saw a dragonfly today, but it sure had no interest in holding still for me. Still looking…

Oh, and I think I should mention: every day when I put the copyright (© on a picture, I pick a contrasting color from another part of the picture. Today’s purple (in the text) came from the damselfly’s eye. I never knew!

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Tiny One on a Tiny Fleabane

Sweat bee – not much bigger than a grain of rice? Here’s a U.S. dime (nearly obscuring a blossom) for those of us who understand the scale. For those of us that don’t, that coin is about 1.8cm. And a grain of rice is about .7cm. About the size of that bee. And it really seemed even smaller with the naked eye. Neat, no? And beautiful.

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