Bonus: Just a Fantastic Iris

Not sure if I ever described my descent into daily beedom. But here’s a quick version:

I got an all manual, 35mm camera from my parents when I graduated from high school. I shot some. Enjoyed it. Took the camera on trips. Lost lots of pics and negatives. And had a hard time affording to shoot as much as I’d like.

Bought one of the first digital cameras (same brand – Pentax – so I could use the same lenses) and shot occasionally – and, again, on trips.

Then I was asked to shoot flowers/gardens. Keep track of the progress in our yard. And posted some to a gardening website. But I got bored. Really bored. Decided that anyone with a decent camera and some care could take nice pics of flowers. But at about the same time, I began to notice bees. And…wow. This anyone couldn’t get a decent pic of a bee to save his life.

So I started reading about macro photography. And action photography. And started shooting (at) bees. Called it “photography with an opponent”. They do NOT hold still. And then I started reading about bees. We got a few hives from JodyBees. I practiced. Lots. I got lots better at it. And I had so damned many pics of bees that I couldn’t share. So the idea of this site was born. And I still shoot bees every day that I can. Such a great therapy for me. And I love ’em. Every variety. Very elevating.

And I’ve not shot flowers much at all lately. And I should. I do enjoy it. And Irises will always be my favorite. And that’s another story. And I’ve started the last several sentences with “and”. And I think that that’s heresy. And so is the double that in the last sentence.

However…this iris (shot today) is gorgeous. Today’s bonus.

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