Journeyman Shot on the Cone Flower

Seems this profile shows up a lot. As do the colors. Can’t help where the bees are…they go wherever pollen is being thrown. One note about the cone flowers – they don’t seem to attract the territorial bees (wool carder and some leafcutters) so the honeybees share mostly with the bumbles. Guess I have a few sweat bees and leafcutters on the cone flowers…but the point is they don’t get knocked off much. For whatever that’s worth.

Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of this site. Wow. Time seems to be accelerating for me. Also…that’s a lot of bees!

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In the Daisies

Here’s a fantastic shot of a tiny, metallic green sweat bee enjoying the daisies. Look at all of that pollen on her back leg so far. And those eyes…just gorgeous! The background in this one is fun, too. Is it spring yet? I’m recalling that one year I found a bee on a crocus on the 30th of Jan. Not today. Far, far, far too cold. But soon…

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Very Tiny Sweat Bee on a???

Can’t recall what this tiny flower is called. Just that it’s miniscule. This little sweat bee, covered in pollen, is just a bit larger than a grain of rice. Lots to like about this pic. I’m looking at the eye as well as the pollen all over her. And the flower is lovely, too.

Been having fits with the hosting of the site. I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been offline some lately. Was down late yesterday when I tried to make this post initially. I apologize for being late on this one. But we can only do what we can, no? Probably a lesson there for me. Anyway…enjoy yesterday’s bee today. And another soon…

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Filthy One in the Basil

Of all the strange things. But…if you’ve got herbs, check for bees. They just love them. On this day in July, I must have seen a dozen varieties of bees in the neighbors’ basil (and mint, I think), at least that many varieteis of wasps, and the odd spider and butterfly. Was a great day and place to be a pollinator.

This is a nice one of a honeybee looking right at you. Pretty.

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Another Wool Carder in the Larkspurs

Similar shot to the one I posted the other day. Love the background, the eye, and the antennae. Not sure what it thought it was doing on the bud because it’s obviously not throwing pollen, but… Those wool carder bees are a little weird anyway. Might have been resting a minute and ensuring that nobody was entering his territory. Who knows. But he’s sure a good looking bee! (And yes, I think this one’s a male. They’re a little bigger…and they’re the aggressive, territorial ones.)

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