One More Day…and a Tiny Sweat Bee

Here’s a really, really, really tiny sweat bee on a single ‘mum petal. About the size of a grain of rice, give or take. Really, really tiny. And quite cute.

Rough to try to get focus on this one. Might be able to tell given how much/little of the ‘mum is in focus. But pretty compelling, I think.

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Some More ‘mums

Which might mean that I found some time to shoot today. I did. Keep wondering if this day (whatever the day is) is going to be the “last day” for bees. Kind of a silly thing…and an odd thing to wonder. I’ve never marked a “last day” before, but it would be easy to tell looking in the photo folders. Apparently this year, it’s meaningful.

Great bee face. Pollen on the eye. Tongue hidden behind the right antenna. And a couple of fullish pollen baskets if you look closely. Oh, and a beautiful ‘mum.

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Just About Midnight…

Haven’t missed posting a bee yet, I don’t think. Pushing it with this one. Shot today on the ‘mums. Got to shoot for a few minutes in the afternoon, but nearly nothing turned out right. Think I might be a bit too harried with this renovation. Unfun yet exciting.

Enjoy…hope to take more time tomorrow to shoot (assuming the weather people are right and it’s warm…ish).

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Toward the Alyssum

This one is from August of this year. Neat shot of a honey bee heading toward (or away from – hard to tell) the white alyssum. Somewhat rare to see bees on this one. Great groundcover otherwise. It’s an annual, but reseeds in place so if you want it to come back, leave it alone (and let it seed) when it’s finished blooming. (And maybe augment with another flat or two from the nursery now and then.)

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Hunt’s in Flight with Strange Light

This one sort of speaks for itself. It’s a great shot of the bee either approaching or departing. Look at that tongue! And just about everything else… Sometime I get lucky. The light, though, is fairly wonky. The bee isn’t.

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Bumble on a Sunflower…Leaf

Another brutally long day. But some progress. About ready to file everything in the “bitten off more than I can chew” bucket.

But this site is about bees – not kvetching. So here’s a great one from August. Some interesting composition and bokeh – and the bee looks great, too. If you look closely, you get a good look at the claws on the two front legs as they grip the edge of the leaf. Another interesting thing to note is that you can see that the leaf has a thickness. Of course it does, but it’s not something I think about when I think of leaves. Note, too, that the grasshoppers have been to work on that particular leaf…like just about everything else in the garden.

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A Sweat Bee on a Ratty-looking Chrysanthemum

Late, late, late again. What a day. Missed a funeral I very much wanted to attend. Gallery leased, remodeling begins tomorrow. What a day.

Got to shoot for about ten minutes this afternoon between and among the mess of the day. Manged to get a number of good shots and enjoy myself just a little. In other, sadder news the honeybees were bundled up this evening and are preparing for their journey to the almond groves of California. Can’t wait for spring, and fall isn’t even over yet. Always makes me a little sad to see the bees go south.

But hey, this is a great bee. And one that is going to stick around! Enjoy.

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