That Fantastic Gaillardia

So today I got the nicest email from a regular visitor to the site. She mentioned that she enjoyed the site, thanked me for the pictures and posts, and told me that she’d found and purchased some of the Gaillardia Mesa Peach (blanket flowers) in order to better attract (and provide for) bees – and reported her (and their) success in glowing words.

That note really made my day. So gratifying on so many levels. Thank you!

So…for today…I went out a few minutes ago and grabbed this shot. Patty, this one’s for you:

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Bathed Bee

Because the birdbath is just about at cat level, it doesn’t get used much by the birds. However…it is the bees’ watering hole. And it needs to be filled every day. Sometimes when I fill it, I’ll wash a bee or few into the water. They mostly do a good job of getting to the edge and getting out safely. But now and then one will seem to struggle and I’ll have to fish her out with a stick. Here’s one from yesterday. She recovered nicely and went back to drinking before she flew off.

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