Bonus: Banded Garden Spider

Got a text on Saturday from our neighbors to the east inviting me to come and photograph a really neat spider that was living in the lavender. I was out of town and regretted not being able to shoot (especially after seeing the phone pics).

So…this morning I grabbed my camera and had a look. Really, really neat, colorful critter. Big, too! Not entirely pleased with how it came out…so I might go back for more. But…it’s a fun shot. We have the best neighborhood!

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Golden and Clover (over and over)

That really didn’t work, did it? I try to shoot the clover in the grass when I can and it doesn’t often work. Don’t know if it did this time. At least there’s a bee on it. There’s something appealing to me about the busy, randomness of this shot, though. And she’s today’s bee. And that matters somehow.

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