Bonus: On the Yuccanotyucca

Shot this a few minutes ago. Afternoon light that’s kind of soft. Love this plant. Been going for at least two months. And looking really good. Something to be said for the persistent desert plants. For more info on this plant, see this post.

Not sure how I got that blur in the background with the bee so hard in focus. I like the effect, though.

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Another Bumble on the Same Salvia

I really can’t choose where the bees are in the morning. Another on this tall, light blue salvia. There were a few honey bees at work on the same plant, but the light this morning was so scarce that I couldn’t shoot at a fast enough speed to catch them properly. So…another sleeping bumble. I liked this one because it was on the top of one of the bloom stalks. Great bee…neat picture.

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