Bonus: Some Butterfly that I Haven’t ID-ed

But it’s really a neat looking one on the salvia. Note that on its tail, there’s an eye shape/pattern. When I look at it, even though I’ve seen this one many times, my first thought is that the head is on the tail. Good adaptation, I guess, to fool the predators. And the photographer…

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Almost Two and a Cone Flower

Shot yesterday late in the day. Great, messy, pollen basket on the honeybee…and the metallic green sweat bee seems interested. It ended up bumping the honey bee, but the honey bee shrugged it off and kept working on the cone flower. Most of them are looking a little haggard now, but there are a few new blossoms, too.

I can’t seem to convince the bees that they all need to stay in the same focal plane. Fun nonetheless.

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