Announcement: Utah Art Festivals

Despite what it says in the sidebar (I’ll re-figure out how to change that soon. Shameful.), my next two shows are at home.

The first is in Ogden, Utah at the Union Station. That went well and it was nice to meet a bunch of local people

The second is in Logan, Utah (called Summerfest, for those in the know) at the Cache County Fairgrounds. It’s a Thursday – Saturday show June 17-19 and runs from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. (opens at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday for some reason). Wow long days on that one.

I’ll have some fantastic shots there. Lots of bees, of course, but lots of other stuff including bison, birds, wolves, wild mustangs, and other sundry things.

Here’s an arty shot of a pair of wild horses. And a pair of neat bison. Buffalo in my world:

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Foxtail Lily and Wind

Normally, I get better, more clear shots of bees on the blossoms than I do of the bees in flight. Yesterday, though, it was so windy that the opposite was the case. These lilies were flapping all over the place…and the bees seemed a little frustrated. And they managed to (more or less) hover in a spot despite the wind. So…here’s a little one trying to land. I think it’s a neat shot. And I love the lilies. Like little rockets. And they do fire from the bottom up.

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