Leafcutter Face (with tongue) on the Four Nerve Daisy

Rough past couple of days at the Ogden Arts Festival. The heat was…crippling. Think it crested 100 degrees yesterday and west-facing, on asphalt – sapping. I think it’s going to be a little cooler this weekend in Logan. Hoping, anyway.

Here’s a great shot from last week of a leafcutter on a four nerve daisy. Still love that name. So many possiblities going down that path. The leafcutters are always in motion. But this one set up, facing me, for a few seconds as she groomed herself. Great shape.

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Wide Shot on a Dutch Iris

The irises are almost gone. This one is looking a little ratty there just below the bee. Normally, I’ll crop a little closer to show the detail on the bee, but this one I couldn’t figure out how to crop and keep the iris shapes…which I really enjoy on this shot. So this one is a full frame shot. I like the counterpoint of the curve of the bee’s body in relationship to the curves of the irises, too. Plus bees on purple always look good. Looking at the tags, seems this is the first bee on a Dutch iris that I’ve posted to the site. Always fun for me to get a new (to the site) flower into the mix.

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Foxtail Lily Twofer – In Flight!

So far behind this morning. That Ogden festival today (hope to see you there!). So…quick hit from yesterday on the foxtail lily again (doesn’t last long – love to shoot at it while it’s around). One honeybee and another carpenter bee. Good captures. Enjoy!

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Evening Bumble in the Salvia

Didn’t get to shoot but for a minute very, very late yesterday…to no good ends. Well, a bonus wasp for later, I guess. But here’s one from the day before. Great wings and a pretty full pollen basket for a bumblebee. This bee had spent a lot of time on the foxtail lily (see the post from June 9) – kind of a burnt or dark orange color. Think this is a new salvia for this year. And in the lower right is a ubiquitous iris leaf.

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The Lavender is Back!

Just now starting to open. Thought it might be a couple of more weeks. This was admittedly a pretty dark shot (very late evening) so there’s a bunch of noise in it…but… I was so pleased to see a leafcutter on the lavender that I shot anyway. Thinking this site might be nearly as much about chronicling plants in the gardens as it is about the bees. Why not both?

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Announcement: Utah Art Festivals

Despite what it says in the sidebar (I’ll re-figure out how to change that soon. Shameful.), my next two shows are at home.

The first is in Ogden, Utah at the Union Station. That went well and it was nice to meet a bunch of local people

The second is in Logan, Utah (called Summerfest, for those in the know) at the Cache County Fairgrounds. It’s a Thursday – Saturday show June 17-19 and runs from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. (opens at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday for some reason). Wow long days on that one.

I’ll have some fantastic shots there. Lots of bees, of course, but lots of other stuff including bison, birds, wolves, wild mustangs, and other sundry things.

Here’s an arty shot of a pair of wild horses. And a pair of neat bison. Buffalo in my world:

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Foxtail Lily and Wind

Normally, I get better, more clear shots of bees on the blossoms than I do of the bees in flight. Yesterday, though, it was so windy that the opposite was the case. These lilies were flapping all over the place…and the bees seemed a little frustrated. And they managed to (more or less) hover in a spot despite the wind. So…here’s a little one trying to land. I think it’s a neat shot. And I love the lilies. Like little rockets. And they do fire from the bottom up.

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Kinda Twisted on the Allium

Got back from Colorado somewhat late in the day – but still shot at twilight. Haven’t had time to look at the shots from yesterday yet (was hopeful), so you get a bee on the allium (from May of this year) today.

Seems each flower and blossom is a bit different as far as where the pollen and nectar are. And it’s fun watching the bees do what they do to get at it. Sometimes, like yesterday with the carpenter bees, they crawl right up inside of the blossom (agastache). Today’s bee looks like she’s grabbing one blossom and twisting herself toward and on another to do her work. I really like shapes in photography – and that’s a great bee shape. Fresh stuff tomorrow! (Not like this one is stale or anything, but…)

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Salvia all Summer!

Like going back to the well for more…and all summer long! The pollen on her face is fantastic. And the background is so much fun in this pic.

Traveling back from the festival in Colorado today. Hope I arrive before the bees turn in for the night. I know I’ll have missed shooting for those days on the road. Often say that I couldn’t pay for therapy that the bees and camera give me. So settling to my soul. Look at the little one on that flower…in that garden…I’m sure the idea will resonate with you.

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Subaru Blue and an Allium

Today I’ll be at the Smash in the Square 2021 Spring Festival at The Village at Castle Pines, Colorado. It runs from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Would love to see you there if you’re in the area – check out not only the bees, but birds, wild horses, other wildlife, etc.

There are three really tall alliums by the driveway. And, of course, the bees love them. Sorry I’ll be away when they’re at their height. But…got a few good shots. Series of ten or so in pretty good focus – with the bee in different positions. Did a bunch of crops on them that varied greatly and meant to do a series all in one day. May do that later on this summer. The blue in the lower left of a the pic is a Subaru. I’m not entirely sure what the red/orange up top is. And I included the circle (bad form?) up there in the upper left purposely. I like the shapes and colors in this one.

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