Bonus – Another Look at a Hummingbird on an Agastache

Well, another look for me. Different edit/crop. Was organizing pics the other day and came across this one and had a re-look. They sure love the agastaches. They nest in a bald cypress nearby. The cats…well…don’t have the notion of coexistence in their heads, though. So there are fewer hummingbirds around than I think there should be. But this is a neat one – all the way in!

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Another on the White Rock Cress

I don’t love going to the same flower on back-to-back days. But…you have to go where the bees are. Turned out there was a grape hyacinth in the background. Looks a little contrived with it that centered, but it’s what nature does sometimes. Like the attitude of the bee’s wings in this one. And of course the detail on her face.

Lots of bee-generated irises blooming. Look for those “beebabies” over the next few days. There are a couple that are really spectacular. Nature is…wonderful – leaving me full of wonder.

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