Bonus – Out of Bounds!!

This probably isn’t okay. But… I thought I’d show you what I do in the winter for photo therapy when I can’t roll down the front porch into the flowers and bees.

Here’s a rough-legged hawk from Friday of this week:

And here’s a wild mustang stallion portrait from yesterday. Shot in the west desert of Utah. Check out his scars! They fight a lot.

I probably won’t do this again, but kinda wanted to show that my camera isn’t idle in the winter… Hope you enjoyed the distractions.

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Hunt’s Bumble on a Scabiosa

Guess these are also called pincushion flowers. So the title today could have read, “Bedhead Bee on a Pincushion Flower”. I shot this one at the Ogden Botanical Gardens in June of this year.

From the “who knew” department, the flower is a traditional medicine for scabies – hence the name. Neat.

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DoubleBumble on a Sunflower

Looks like they’re both brown-belted bumbles. That doesn’t always happen. The same species, I mean, sharing a blossom. The other thing that rarely happens is having two bees in (near) focus at the same time. But here’s a nice, pollen-covered pair. Couple more months until the crocuses? We’ve had some in January, so here’s hoping. They’re nestled under the snow for now.

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Warm Summer Light on the Russian Sage

I was trying to select a good photo for this morning and had several candidates ready. They’ll show up over the next few days. Just went out to the car to go to the hardware store to get a part for an emergency repair. Was covered with ice so I decided to let the car warm up a bit – and do today’s bee while I waited. The dark and ice and cold and snow…

The light and warmth on this one are a nice counterpoint. Plus she’s so cute! Nice detail, too.

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