Gorgeous Honeybee on the Salvia

I wish I liked all the pics I post here as well as I like this one. So many neat elements. I’ve seen so so many on salvias, but this one shows so well how she goes after it with her tongue. Great eye, too. And face.

Strikes me as I type how complex the bee is – then the hive – then the ecosystem is in which they operate. Such balance and equilibrium – and always self-correcting. Nudges here and there, maintaing balance. Could all be a bunch of yammering and confirmation bias about what I need to see in my own world right now…but there are lessons in observing (and thinking about) bees.

Or, as the Bard said:
…  tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in everything…

As I like it!

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Honeybee on the Melting ‘mums

From a coupe of days ago. Look at how dark the pollen is in that basket. Odd, too – when we get honey from the hives in the yard in the spring, it’s the lightest of ambers. In the fall, it’s nearly opaque.

That looks like some pretty dark stuff to me. Weather changing for good this weekend. Or at least until spring. Can’t wait.

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Double on the Asters

Lots going on in this shot. But all good and fun. From early October. Love it when they’re so sharp in flight. And also really like it when two are in very good focus. The plane of focus is so very thin and it’s exceptionally lucky to have that happen. Wish I could say it was intentional, but it’s not in the slightest. I was focusing on the one on the blossom and the other little one just made her way in. Probably a lesson in that. If only in gratitude.

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