Rethinking Deadheading

Here’s a pretty little one on a wrecked cone flower. I’ve beaten this drum before and will again, but notice two things apart from the bee: First, the flower is getting old and nasty. Losing its aesthetic appeal. Second: note that it’s still throwing pollen, even as the petals fade.

I’m not gonna get all “metaphor-ey-for-life-today” on you. Wander down that path if you’d like. But do note that the bee finds the flower useful still in her world – even if we (the broader we, collectively – aesthetically) do not. And the flower will continue to throw pollen for a good while yet. It’s not done being what it is.

So the point today is be smart when you deadhead in your garden and elsewhere (oops, I guess I did go there). Since the weather’s changed, I see all kinds of tiny songbirds all over the nasty looking, dried up sunflowers. Sustenance there now. To every thing a season.

Enough of that. Love this bee.

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On the Blue Salvia

Mind kind of blank this morning. But I like the shapes in this one. From the iris leaves to the seedheads of something – to the bee and salvia working together to do what they do.

One of my personal mantras is that life is a process, not an event (or, really, a series of only tangentially related events…if that makes any sense). But every day I post the merest fraction of a second. Add up all the posts of the last week and it’s barely over 1/100th of a second. Extrapolating the math over the course of a year and I will have only shown you not even seven tenths of a second’s worth of bees. And that almost seems unfair to the bee and the flower and all else. And of course it is how pictures work – and it is the only way to to see the detail. I get that. But sometimes focusing too much on detail distracts. Think process some, too.

Wow. Didn’t mean to go there. Maybe I was better off with a blank mind 😉

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Into the Geranium (Rozanne, I think)

Most of the posts that I make on here are from the gardens here. And so you see a lot of the same flowers. Might get a little tedious, but it is (after all) a bee every day.

So something to notice – patterns. Every flower throws its pollen and provides its nectar in its own way. And the bees adapt their techniques a little to get at it. That one sedum (don’t recall its name) really requires some odd contortion for the bee to get at the good stuff – resulting in lots of shots of beeneck.

And the geranium has its own unique configuration. They really have to go down deep into the center to get it. Hard to shoot. But fun to see.

Also look at the blossom. It’s near the end of its own cycle. Color starting to bleach out. Not the prettiest thing, but interesting.

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Late – Profile in the Orange ‘mums

Apologies for being late (in the day) with this one. Been knocked down with a cold and a little unmotivated/rough.

Great detail on this one. ‘mums are not my favorite flower, but the color is really neat in this one. As is the detail on the bee. Wings are great and I especially like the look of her back leg – the hairs used to create the pollen basket (when she gets to it). Smiling and wistful as I look at the photo before I post it. Going out every day with my camera is so therapeutic for me…need to get after the birds soon. Need that for my soul.

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