Bonus! – Jumping Spider in the Russian Sage

I’ve sure been delinquent in posting these “bonus” shots of other pollinators (or inadvertent pollinators – in this case). Oh, well. Maybe I’ll be less harried in the colder months. Or not…

Enjoy this one. It’s fun to watch them hunt…and jump at other critters.

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Salvias – in Flight

I like the wing and the pollen baskets on this one. Really too busy to be a very good shot, but sometimes that’s the nature of things. That dark red mess in the lower right is a fall ‘mum in the shade. Seems late afternoon is the best time for bees lately (warmest), but the shadows are long. That said, yesterday was probably the last good bee day of the season. Was in the low 70s, but today it will be in the 50s…and looks to be that way (and colder) from here on out. What a great fall it’s been, though, for weather.

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