Aster against the Blue Sky

Didn’t get time to shoot until very late in the day yesterday so the light is a little weird. I liked this shot a whole lot more when I picked it than I do right now. But it’s interesting in that I think it’s the first aster shot against the sky. This is a pretty tall one – maybe four feet? Kind of a rangy plant but was full of bees in the early evening. So I selected it because the background was a first to me. Anyway, like it or not…

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Sweat Bee on a Black-eyed Susan

Love this bee on this flower. I really cannot tell when they’re throwing pollen so it’s kind of frustrating looking at them, bee-less, day after day. But when they hit, they hit. This little one kept moving among four blossoms. Neat bee. And the flower adds so much. It’s often the yellow splotch in the background in a number of shots on this site.

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Upside down on the Sedum

This sedum didn’t stay in bloom this year for as long as I thought/remembered. Might be my leaky brain, or it might have fired fast. Don’t know. Great plant for bees, though. They love it. Often four or five (generally out of focus) in the same frame. Looks neat after it’s done blooming, too. Retains its shape. Great plant for bees.

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And More Asters…

Only had time for about ten minutes of shooting yesterday. But caught this nice one in the asters. See how she’s not got much hair on her back anymore? Worked most of it off. Almost looks a little impressionistic with the bokeh in this one. That spiky thing is a yellowing iris leaf, I think. But I like the way it pulls toward the bee – something, anyway. Interesting element.

If you’re near Crested Butte, Colorado on this Saturday or Sunday, I’ll be there at the ARTumn Festival – come by and have a look at the art.

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Late Season Salvia

Such a super little one on a super flower. This one just keeps going. Which one – the bee or the flower? Seems both. Was shooting at an odd angle, some into the sun – so her body is translucing. Great tongue, wing, eye, antennae, face…and the salvia is gorgeous, too. Even the background’s fun in this one. Love the purples in it. The beauty in nature thrills me.

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It’s Aster Time!

Makes me a little maudlin knowing that the weather’s going to be changing soon. Equinox yesterday. But the asters are in full flower…as are the ‘mums. Beautiful. And the little ones are really loading up.

I like this shot. Great detail on the bee. Even down to specks of pollen on her eye. With all the traveling I’m doing, I’m really feeling pressure to load up on shots when I’m home…get through the winter with this project.

If you’re enjoying what you find on this site, please share it with others. I don’t use social media for a variety of reasons so I’m a little hamstrung that way. Counting on you all to propagate the joy. Go ye forth and pollinate! Please.

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Profile on the Lavender

Apologies for the lack of narrative for the past few days. I hate it when people say, “I didn’t have any time”. Was trying to get on the road to go to a festival – and chose to do other things with my time – and only posted the pictures.

So…back again. And the lavender’s back, too. They bloom for the first time in late June/early July around here. But some of them re-fire in the late summer/early fall. Quickly becoming one of my favorite plants to photograph with the bees. And, of course, the bees love them. Looks like there will be some new, different varieties in the new garden (former parking strip) next year. Am looking forward to that.

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