Golden Bumble Tongue

On an agastache. Late in the day and glowing. The color of this bee seems almost artificial. There’s a good reason it’s called a Golden Bumble (Bombus fervidus). Was kind of hard to get a shot on this one because it either kept crawling toward the middle of the plant – or falling off down into the middle. Beautiful critter, though.

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Beautiful Bee – Neat Cone Flower

Seems August is a really busy month. Didn’t even pick up my camera yesterday so today’s shot is from earlier this month. I especially like what the diagonal penstemmon adds to the shot. Nothing all that special about this one – which is really saying something. Isn’t nature herself gorgeous?

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From Origanum Rosenkuppel to Origanum Rosenkuppel

For some reason I thought this was thyme. So I was gonna make a funny, “from thyme to thyme” as the title. Really fell flat when it turned out to be an ornamental oregano. That said, it’s in full bee-bloom right now. Almost riotous. And it’s a neat plant, despite the light in the picture. Seems to want to spread some – lots of elbows thrown.

Parenthetically, I’ve coined a term for our gardens here. Apparently, there are lots of garden styles: formal, rock, cottage, prairie, traditional, and so on. Tons, depending on the list you look at. But ours here are called MMAyhem gardens. Use your imagination…and go back to the “throwing elbows” comment. They’re just remarkable (I think we’ve got something like fifteen or eighteen discrete gardens here, depending on how one counts) and I do them and you a disservice by only posting single blooms. Need to post some reference shots to do them justice.

Oh, the bee is a Brown-belted Bumble (Bombus griseocollis) and it was sure having a good time on the oregano. And not sharing very well with others of its kind (and not of its kind). Fun to watch. Too many words. Enjoy the pic!

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In the Morning…in the Birdbath

Or so-called birdbath. I’ve never seen a bird in it. Might have something to do with the cats prowling the area. But that doesn’t stop the bees nor the wasps nor any other manner of insects from drinking. Pretty neat when it’s full of bees.

This one is a neat one. Like this shot a lot. Very bee-like and some bee-joy in it, I think. Plus you just can’t beat that tongue.

That said, if you want to attract pollinators, put out some water that they can access. It’s a fine thing to buy pollinator-friendly plants…but they need to drink, too – note the other four bees in the pic. It works.

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Honeybee on the Basil

Not such a great idea to let basil go to seed if you’re interested in the basil proper. But the bees sure do love it.

Note the tongue on this one – and especially the silver-looking pollen in the pollen bucket. First time I’ve seen pollen this color. Neat stuff.

Getting a little discouraged about the lack of traffic here. Probably cutting my own throat not doing social media. Please share the link if you know of someone who might enjoy.

That said, the traffic does nothing for me financially – no ads – nothing tied to it. Would just like more people to enjoy…if they might.

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Honeybee amid the Zinnias

Shot yesterday in our across-the-street, neighbors’ yard. We don’t have any zinnias in our gardens, but I sure like their middles – and the bees seem to love them, too. Not too sure about the crop on this one – seems out of balance – but that one in the background is interesting. Have to think on that…

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On the Mojito Mint

This one’s from the neighbors’ back yard. Have shot at it in pretty bad light for the last three days. Need to get there a little earlier to minimize shadows, but I cannot seem to manage that lately. But…it’s just a remarkable plant. Cannot think of another that I’ve seen a wider variety of pollinators on. Bumbles, wasps, flies, honeybees, natives, etc. Really neat stuff. If I can find the time, I’ll do a big bonus blast of all of the different critters I shot on it. Maybe this winter?

Anyway…love this bee. Great beeface, beeneck, and beetongue. Plus a bonus, out-of-focus wasp. Neat plant.

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Bumble on Sunflower Rereredux

Not sure how many re-s to add to that word. But ’tis the season (of bumbles on sunflowers). Lots sleeping in the morning…or being really, really inactive. But the light’s so low and there’s always a light breeze so shooting them is tough. That said, it’s a strange year for sunflowers – most have gotten really, really tall – some more than twelve feet. Also seem to be losing the red on the petals from year to year – only a couple with that coloring this year.

I really like the pollen on the face on this one – and the few specks on the eye. Also the shadow is neat.

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Doublebumble on a Sunflower

Got this one yesterday. Interesting light all through the day – or at least when I was shooting. Would have liked to post the whole flower, but the light in the upper-right corner was stupid-bright and really blown out. This is a neat shot, though. Multiples are always fun. Looking at the title, I’m wondering about an entomologist’s bad parody of Macbeth? Don’t know if all of my synapses are firing yet.

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