Bonus – Dragonfly at Rest

I like the colors in this one. Looks like the dragonfly and the rock were cut from the same elemental cloth. Or something. The textures are a little weird and it didn’t really entirely reflect what I saw – or, better, the feeling looking at the photo isn’t exactly what I felt when I saw it with my face-camera.

Odd that. Normally, it’s pretty close – the feeling that gets regenerated when I see a shot. Usually quite parallel. Hmmmmmm… Something to ponder.

Probably my fondest wish for the site – that you feel what I do (or at least something similar) when I shoot (and see the shots again).

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Bumble in the Salvia

Love the color of the flower in this one – and how she’s attached to more than one blossom. But I especially love the pollen – all over her back and top of her head. And the pollen buckets. Not entirely laden, but neat to see.

This one just started blooming not long ago. It’s a little less flappy in the wind than the Russian Sage, but not by much. Sometimes it just throbs and hums with bees of all sorts…late afternoon, usually. Great one for the pollinators.

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