Bonus – Spider Celebrating on a Cone Flower

Probably not. Probably oblivious. Neat one, though.

Be grateful today, please, irrespective of where you live. The world seems to be in flux right now, but there are so many wonderful things – including the ability to share and access things like these photos (as an example). An incredible time in human history!

And while this has absolutely NOTHING to do with pollinators, it’s a blossom of its own kind…and seems appropriate today.

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Independence Day – In Flight

I’m more than a little disturbed that most of us are celebrating Independence Day this year in a manner that… I’ll shut up about it. The purpose of this site is to forget doom and really whatever else is going on in the world for a brief moment. Color and nature and industry and metaphor. That flash of joy. So…here’s one on the neighbors’ Russian Sage. Well, not really on it, but in it. Some days I don’t really notice that the wind is blowing any at all – until I try to shoot on/at/in a flappy flower. And this one is the poster child for that. Or at least one of them. Love them in flight!

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