Bonus! – National Dandelion Day

I have no idea what that means, but apparently they do here.

Almost dropped the ball. But…crisis averted. Let’s celebrate.

(Really, the bees do love these things. And they’ve apparently got lots of health benefits for humans. So…if you can manage not to spray them, the bees will thank you and you can use the flowers, roots, leaves, etc., for whatever it is you can figure out. Wine?)

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Another Honeybee – but on a Rock Cress

Really heavy on the honeybees lately. I’ve only seen one bumble so far this spring – no, two – but both the same kind (coulda been the same one on different days??). Not quite a passable picture of either, unless you like bumblebutt. And there might be something to that. Forewarned is forearmed, I guess.

But this one – another honeybee on what’s blooming now – happens to be Rock Cress (“some kind of Aubrieta“, I’m told – whatever that is). But they sure were having a good time on that bit of ground cover today. And it really is pretty. And the bee’s gorgeous, too. Neat pollen bucket and you can really see the hair around her eye. Saw lots today cleaning their faces and curating the pollen. Have to believe that’s the purpose of the hair on the eye.

Had a pretty hard freeze last night (~25F up here on the hill) so a lot of blossoms got a bit wrecked. But it was in the 60s this afternoon – looked and felt and smelled like spring. And do realize that when I say, “I shot this one this afternoon”, I’m writing to you from the past – specifically last night (which is now, for me, tonight). So when you’re reading this, today is yesterday. (Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace… And all our yesterdays…)

And where else are you going to get the Bards of Avon and Zevonia on consecutive days? Signifying what?

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Digression – Art Show Cancellations (and the attendant traffic to this site)

Scroll down and skip this mess if you’re looking for the bees! They’re right under this wall of text.

Looks like I’m getting traffic from here from some art shows that were cancelled. I appreciate that. I also appreciate that much of what I post here is not wall-worthy art. It is not intended to be. It wasn’t meant to be a portal for sales or ecommerce. The vision was more a sharing of the joy that I get from the bees – and hopefully a way to share that joy and maybe some insights bidirectionally.

And don’t get me wrong. I want to sell my shots that are art as art. I’d like to make that my primary income stream. But that wasn’t why I chose to start this site. And as neat as today’s photo is, I’d encourage no one to put a lid of a 5-gallon bucket on their wall and call it art. But it sure as heck belongs on this site because it’s neat. The bees in it are neat. And the narrative is useful and valuable.

For art, you’ll need to scroll through the shots and be discerning – there are a good number that are not only documentary, but also art. You may also go to for more bees and other subjects (birds, flowers, etc.). Some of which is very wall-worthy.

This lockdown caught me by surprise. Just a couple of weeks before it started, we invested a not insignificant number of thousands of dollars preparing for my first art show/fair season. I was gratified to be accepted into a number of well-known shows throughout the West, but everything is being cancelled out into August. And I’m not very prepared with an online outlet to maintain/recoup. So you’ll have to wander through the stuff on both sites (here and if you’re looking for the type of prints I’d be offering at the festivals/shows.

A good place to start for legit art is on the Greeting Cards page.

There’s a link to my ordering page in the sidebar as well as on the Ordering Prints page. Might be best to get in touch ( so we can figure out what’s best for your space.

That said, please support your local small businesses. They’re hit hard, too. If not now, later. It serves no one to have them going out of business due to this event. If you’ve got money to throw around, please try to throw some of it their way. Art is always a discretionary expense. Food is not. So you will probably choose to spend food dollars long before you’ll choose to spend art dollars. All things equal, please try to keep some of those dollars small and local – if that’s something you value (like I do).

It Ain’t that Pretty at all!

I’d like to go back to Paris someday and visit the Louvre Museum

But it’s a neat shot nonetheless. In this one, a honeybee is getting a drink of water off the lid of a 5-gallon bucket in the driveway. Very cool tongue – and kind of a neat bee in the background.

But here’s more at the point: these little ones get thirsty. Put out a birdbath – especially if you live somewhere dry. Even a small dish of water near what’s blooming at the moment. Fill part of it with rocks so they have somewhere to stand while they’re drinking. Then go check it occasionally when you see the bees out. You’ll notice that they’re visiting your offering (and are grateful in their own, bee ways).

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Honeybee on an Anemone

Shot this one Monday of this week. Note the white pollen from the anemone. One should probably never complain about Spring, but the crocuses are nearly gone already…and the anemones are on their way out. Age-old complaint from me – no matter how much I shot or enjoyed, why didn’t I do more? And why does it pass so quickly. Mother Nature following the age-old adage of entertaining: Always leave ’em wanting more!

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Honeybee Alighting on a Nanking Cherry

Well, it’s snowing right now. But this afternoon it was warm enough for the bees to come out for a couple of hours. And the Nanking Cherry is in riotous bloom. Not sure why I’ve not shot it before today. The hives (three now – a full compliment) are only about fifty feet away from it. And it was full this afternoon. Can only imagine what it would be like on a warm day. She’s just getting ready to land…and lands on the blossom on the left in the next shot.

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Beautiful Bee on a Beautiful Tulip – No Foolin’

Honeybee on a Tulip : Tulipa Greigii ‘Maria Christina’

This one’s a new favorite. Shot it this afternoon (I guess yesterday afternoon by the time you read this). Not much at all I don’t like about this shot. Her eye seems particularly neat in this one. And that dusting of pollen is so…cute, I guess is my word. Wish every shot I shoot made me feel like this one.

The tulip is: Tulipa Greigii ‘Maria Christina’

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