Bonus – Ladybug on an Unknown Bud

According to the googles, ladybugs are indeed pollinators – as well as being otherwise very beneficial. The focus in this one isn’t stellar (apart from the brush on it), but I think it’s a neat shot. And it makes me smile.

Further, I know that when I’m discouraged, I generally do well to redouble my efforts. So – you get a bonus ladybug today!

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Filthy, Filthy Bumble on a Cone Flower

One of my very favorite shots from last fall. Taken in September. This bumble had just been on a Rose of Sharon in a neighbor’s yard and is a mess. But such a neat mess.

Very discouraged by the lack of traffic to the site. Think I’m going to need to stop looking at it and just keep doing. Does that metric matter?

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