Digression – Gear Setup

I got a nice email from a guy called Craig this morning. He asked about my gear setup for bees. I replied to his email, but it bounced. Not sure what the problem was, so I thought I’d post the answer on the site. It’s long, so I decided not to post it in-line and clog things up. If you’re interested, you can find it here: Gear Setup

Bumble on a Cone Flower

Not much to say about this one. But lots to like.

Looks like it’s going to warm up in the next few days…and that means the bees will be out for more than an hour or two. So much is starting to bloom. Those fireworks in slow motion. The squills and crocuses are fading being replaced by more daffs and tulips. The viburnum and forsythias are firing. I love spring.

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