Leafcutter Approaching the Yarrow

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I’m in Durango, Colorado today at the art festival. If you’re in the area, come have a look!

This is the infamous “abdomen-up” bee. Seems like the underside of her back end is always covered in pollen. Great eyes on this one. Great grab. And the pink with the green background is special.

The First of Many Quick Hits – Beautiful on the Alyssum

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Trying to get out the door to go to the Durango Art Festival (Sat and Sun of this week) so I’m pre-loading a few. Will extend the trip into Arizona to photograph some burros so I’ll be away for a while. So forgive me for little narrative this week. Actually, many of you will like it. I think.

Nice composition on this one. And a great bee!

Just Another Bumble on a Sunflower

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I think that this is a golden bumble on an unknown variety of sunflower. I really like the red-tinged petals. They seem to vary from flower to flower on this particular one – some being more red than others. Not lots to say about this shot. The light’s not great, but there’s lots to like about it (including the bee’s shadow).

In the Shadows on the Asters

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First shot of the garden asters this year. Twilight so there’s some strange light on it. Kind of have a love/hate with the asters. When they start to bloom, the clock is ticking on the summer. But they go and go and go and go. And the bees love them. And I’ve gotten some remarkable shots on them. Here’s the first of what will likely be many…

The ‘mums and Asters…

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I’ve been on the road the last five or so days…and you can probably tell because the posts were scheduled in advance – and happened early in the morning rather than in the evening.

And…the other thing that happened while I was gone was that the chrysanthemums and asters absolutely exploded. Here’s a nice shot of a native on some white ‘mums in the late afternoon. It’s almost good art. And truly a beautiful bee. (And we get a little bit of shadow which delights me.)

In other news, I got a draft of the calendar for 2022 out today. Holy holy [expletive deleted], was it tough to choose. You might like it, though 😉

Nice to See Rozanne Again!

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Always a challenge to shoot bees on geraniums. But I sure like to. This is one of my favorite flowers. They seem so optimistic to me…and they persist for so long (blooming, not the individual blossoms). They do, though, tend to sprawl and wander and look a little ratty if left to their own program. The bees love them, though. And the blossoms themselves are really pretty.

Rare on the Roses – In Flight

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I don’t get many shots of bees in flight. And fewer still of ones on roses for some reason. They bees are on them from time to time, but they don’t usually stay very long on a single blossom…and there are so many other blossoms that the bees are interested in that I don’t spend much time shooting on the roses. This is a nice grab, though!

Wool Carder Bee – Defending the Hens and Chicks

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This bee has a lot of nicknames around here – all of them unprintable. Really territorial, aggressive little thing. Especially the males. But this is a neat shot of a male in flight. Look closely at that neat eye on him.