A Face in the Crocus

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The overburden and underburden (I get a squiggly line under that – but it should be a word if it’s not) in the garden in the spring is worth mentioning. And you’ll see a lot of mayhem in the early spring pictures. If you have a look at yesterday’s shot, you’ll see some needles. They’re from a bald cypress. Weird one because it’s a conifer that loses its needles every fall – after they change color.

As far as it goes, the crocus pollen has always looked especially sticky to me. You don’t get that much in today’s shot. Just a great face. Happy spring. Supposed to be 67 here tomorrow??

Heading to the Next Crocus

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Another from yesterday. Caught a few today – one of which I’ll post tomorrow if I get focus. Get ready for crocus overdose, I guess. Supposed to be 57 degrees here today, but there’s still lots of snow on the ground in the shady spots. The bees look happy. I was so glad to see them – and surprised myself by being thrilled to hear them, too. Seems that’s something I’ve kind of either not noticed so much or taken for granted. The honeybees, especially when there are a few of them, are noisy little things.

Little Leafcutter on the Black-Eyed Susan

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Quick today – apparently I’ve got lots to do with little time…one of the lots is posting today’s bee. So…here ya go. It’s cute enough. Really love the eyes on these. They really have their own look. Actually, it’s a really nice shot.

Low 50s today. Crocuses starting to gain some momentum, but didn’t see any bees in my cursory look. Will look harder tomorrow – with my camera in hand.

Flying Toward the Russian Sage

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Kind of soft light on everything. And soft focus except where it’s not. Focus is really an interesting thing. Sometimes it can seem random when I look at the shots of bees that I’ve taken. Not intentionally random, of course, but because I wasn’t doing my job all that right. In my life, it’s much the same. See if it looks that way in your mirror…

And Another on the Sunflower…but a Longhorn This Time

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Sunflower throwing pollen again. And it got all over this longhorn. Of course those are not horns, but antennae. But the name is apt, nonetheless. They really seem to like the sunflowers. And to sleep in the sunflowers, too. And they’re a pretty calm bee and don’t mind sharing. I’ve seen as many as six all tucked in together in a sunflower. Thought it looked like kids in a hostel. Just tired. Tomorrow is another big day.