Finally…a Leafcutter…on Lavender

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First, I think I’ve got the lease settled for a physical storefront/gallery. That’s exciting. Won’t be all bees, of course, but they will have prominent space.

Second, I got a few today that weren’t on the ‘mums. Here’s a leafcutter (that infamous “abdomen-up” bee) on the second bloom of the lavender. Some shadows, but I really had wondered if I’d had my last good bee day. Was a good one today. Easy to excuse the shadows.

Third, I might have figured out why I’m not much of a fan of chrysanthemums. First, it might be that after Memorial Day in the cemeteries, those in those foil-wrapped plastic pots look nasty and trashy. I realize that they don’t get the water/care that they need, but they strike me as cheap and temporary…and ultimately depressing. Second, they seem to be the cheap (that word again), go-to flower when you’re panicked and in the grocery store. Something that ubiquitous and inexpensive can’t have much value, right? Wow, that was more than any of you asked. Next step: love ’em for what they are. I’ve sure gotten some great pics on them. And they do serve the bees well.

More of the ‘mums

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This time, it’s a full-frame shot (no crop). The depth of focus really gets thin when I get that close. But it’s a fun shot. Maybe the bud in the lower left is a bit distracting…and maybe I should have cut off some of the left side for the sake of balance. But it’s mostly about the bee. And it’s a great shot of her. Go ‘mums!! (I guess…)

On a Chrysanthemum Streak

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Spell checker tried to change that word to misanthrope. It might know more than I. Snow dusting this morning. Won’t be long before I will have had the last bee day. Maybe it’s happened already.

Here’s another on a ‘mum. Neat shot. Neat colors. Neat depth. Maybe they’re not so bad…

On a Photogenic ‘mum

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I’m really not sure why I’m not a fan of chrysanthemums. They’re really quite pretty when they’re at their peak. Maybe because they don’t bloom for very long and look pretty bad on the way out? Nah, irises are worse that way and I love them. Anyway, I guess I’m an antimumite. But I do like this pic. Both the flower and bee are nearly perfect. And the next shot (bonus) is nice, too. Both shot yesterday, btw.

It’s About the ‘mums Again…

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And a little dark for some reason. This is such a compelling shot, but it looks dark on this monitor. And I don’t want to mess with it much. Guess I’ll see how it looks on a phone. Was shot in the shade. It’s really busy, but the bee is fantastic. And the ‘mums and the rest of the green and background are fun. Printed it and it looks good if not too out-of-focus busy in the lower right corner. Too much info there. Just enjoy the bee. She’s really fantastic.

Bonus: Jumping on a ‘mum

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Cute little jumping spider on a chrysanthemum. If you look close, you can see some ‘mum pollen on a strand of spider web – there just to the left of the spider. These critters fascinate me. As I was shooting (and I only had a few seconds before the spider got nervous), three bees landed on the flower, must have noticed the spider, and skedaddled. (Never knew how that word was spelled, but spell check did.)

Bumble on the Scabiosa

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For as neat as these flowers are, I don’t get enough shots on them. Yesterday, though, there was a bumble going to work. Didn’t get many great shots because of how the bee and the flower and the shadows were (not) working together. But this one has good detail and you can see tongue. This flower is also called the pincushion flower. Really a persistent one. And a little vulnerable to the wind…at least for photography.