2021 Beefriends Calendars Available (Today’s bee just below)

Maybe a little early…maybe not. Two sizes available: the large is 8.5″ x 11″ and the smaller is 5″ x 7″. Twelve months and fourteen shots (from this site).

Large is $20.00 shipped (within the U.S. – International at cost)
Small is $12.00 shipped

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Honeybee amid the Zinnias

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Shot yesterday in our across-the-street, neighbors’ yard. We don’t have any zinnias in our gardens, but I sure like their middles – and the bees seem to love them, too. Not too sure about the crop on this one – seems out of balance – but that one in the background is interesting. Have to think on that…

On the Mojito Mint

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This one’s from the neighbors’ back yard. Have shot at it in pretty bad light for the last three days. Need to get there a little earlier to minimize shadows, but I cannot seem to manage that lately. But…it’s just a remarkable plant. Cannot think of another that I’ve seen a wider variety of pollinators on. Bumbles, wasps, flies, honeybees, natives, etc. Really neat stuff. If I can find the time, I’ll do a big bonus blast of all of the different critters I shot on it. Maybe this winter?

Anyway…love this bee. Great beeface, beeneck, and beetongue. Plus a bonus, out-of-focus wasp. Neat plant.

Bumble on Sunflower Rereredux

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Not sure how many re-s to add to that word. But ’tis the season (of bumbles on sunflowers). Lots sleeping in the morning…or being really, really inactive. But the light’s so low and there’s always a light breeze so shooting them is tough. That said, it’s a strange year for sunflowers – most have gotten really, really tall – some more than twelve feet. Also seem to be losing the red on the petals from year to year – only a couple with that coloring this year.

I really like the pollen on the face on this one – and the few specks on the eye. Also the shadow is neat.

Doublebumble on a Sunflower

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Got this one yesterday. Interesting light all through the day – or at least when I was shooting. Would have liked to post the whole flower, but the light in the upper-right corner was stupid-bright and really blown out. This is a neat shot, though. Multiples are always fun. Looking at the title, I’m wondering about an entomologist’s bad parody of Macbeth? Don’t know if all of my synapses are firing yet.

The Blanket Flower Delivers

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These are in full bloom now…and they’re attracting all manner of bees. In fact, given that I like to post “what’s blooming now”, you may well get sick of the colors. Such fantastic plants for pollinators!

Got back from Loveland, Colorado’s Art in the Park yesterday. Fun time, but the crowd was a little sparse due to current events, etc. Here’s to a more normal 2021.

Occurs to me that I should say something about today’s bee: Beautiful! Think I’ll let the picture be the other 999 words today…

Thematic, again – Russian Sage

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Here’s a little one in-flight. Lower light so you can barely see the blur of her wings…if at all. Neat what the buds turn in to. So sorry to see them fade, but they’re at their height right now. Perfect, not-so-very-thirsty plant for pollinators. And it self-seeds. And can get a bit interesting after several generations – depending on what’s there for it to cross with. Those bees…

Another on the Sunflower

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Are you sensing a theme? If not, you’re not paying attention. It is: whatever is in bloom at the moment.

Winter will be more random, I’m sure. And probably pretty aster-heavy again. But here’s an upside-down native on a sunflower. Love the eye. And the mustache. Interesting look at the bee and the flower for sure.

Booth Bee!

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At Art in the Square (which really wasn’t in the square…got Covidmoved) in Fort Collins, the booth to my west was occupied by a woman called Michelle. She creates really super dresses (and fabric and who knows what else??) out of natural materials, dyes, etc. Check out her stuff at www.livinganddyeing.com. I don’t have the legs for it, but I’ll bet you’d find something that you’d love.

Anyway… On Saturday morning before the first show, she’d cut some wildflowers in her yard and brought them to her booth in a vase. The fresh-cut flowers attracted all kinds of bees – so being who I am, I grabbed my camera and started clicking. I printed this one overnight and gave her a copy on Sunday morning. Neat shot. Neat effect. Like it lots:

Apocryphally (I didn’t hear it myself), another photographer mentioned that he drives halfway across the country to shoot a landscape – and the bee guy just wanders over to the next booth… Made me smile ;).

Fun that I can fall down my front steps, camera in hand, and land amid flowers and bees.