The 2023 beefriends Calendar is Available Now

There’s the cover girl. And what follows are the thirteen months included in the calendar (printer needed an extra month to make the pagination work).

The cost is $20 each and that includes shipping first class. Click here to buy using Square and I’ll get it (them??) right out to you. They look great! Best yet.

Another on the Partridge Feather

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Teeny, teeny sweat bee on the partridge feather. It’s a neat plant itself. Low to the ground, but it does something with its leaves or “feathers” that makes it look like there is dew or crystals on it throughout the day. Neat ground cover that isn’t very thirsty. Not my favorite because it only blooms once and I don’t see many bees on it. But that’s not the only criterion for putting it in the garden.

Bonus: Of a Butterfly on an Agastache

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The butterfly’s wings are really torn up – especially the left one. But the patterns and shapes and colors of this shot are great. And nature isn’t always about perfection. Sometimes it’s about doing the best you can with what you have. If I were a smarter man, I’d point out that there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

In Flight Coming off the Russian Sage

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I’ve really, really gotten behind on posting these. And I’m very sorry about that. I’ve got them loaded up and ready to go. Just haven’t made time to do it. Trying to catch up now. You need your Daily Bee. As do I. Great shot from October today. Lots of snow on the ground right now, but every day is another day closer to the first bee of the spring. Looking forward to that! Enjoy.

Tiny Sweat Bee on a Penstemmon

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Most of the time when I shoot on penstemmons, I get bumblebeebutt. But (ha!) here’s a fun shot of a little black sweat bee (I’m really not sure about that at all, btw…I’m really bad at IDs) and some neat depth on the penstemmon blossoms.

Note the three eyes on the top of her head (occeli) as well as her little toes hanging onto the flower. Fun shot and great bee.

Linear Russian Sage

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I like this one on the Russian Sage a lot. The lines. Kind of gives an idea of how dense the blossoms are. It’s no wonder that those plants and blossoms are just pulsing with bees once they start to bloom. Great plant for pollinators – and it’s not very thirsty at all – and blooms and blooms and blooms and blooms. Plant a couple – or a lot!